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OKay so it has been like a month, kinda forgot about this blog already!

SOOO in October we managed to buy a new car, very nice, enjoyign it so far, will get a picture up here at some point soon. Cut a long storey short, GOD is flipping amazing, having no salleries to do what we do, we weren’t entirely sure how we were going to afford a car, then someone from another church heard abotu the situation and decided to chat to a few folks and get a donatoin togheter. That in its self was pretty amazing, but it gets better. Ali and I were talking abtou what car we need, and what car we want, knowing they are often differnet, and I was like, well an estate to move all the gear around like I do, Ali was like all I would like is soem nice wood trim. I was liek a stereo is a must have, cos I hate driving without it, and as Ali doesn’t drive I need to do all the driving. SO we start hunting for cars, decided to wipe out our go to Canada in Dec 07 fund to buy a car. I call like 5 people all sold, finally find this car online and go see it, a little more money than i had to spend and took it for a test drive. It was a vectra estate, nice and big, after a bit of haggling I put a deposit down. Very relived to have done so. Finally get back on our feet again. pick the car up a week later havign fought with insurance companies, and popped into work to check my emails and find that this car that has CD player, air con, loots of room, wood trim, the donation had come in and was TO THE POUND exactly how much the car was. NOW tell me GOD isn’t awesome!! TO THE POUND!!!!!!

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