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TIM & ALI & Dan

We are Tim and Ali Robinson, and we have a son called Dan. We are Elim missionaries working in partnership with Wycliffe UK, whose vision is to see a Bible translated into every language of the world.

Why? Well, God loves everyone, and if you read up in Genesis 11:1-9 you can see that God actually saved the world from selfish madness and created all the languages. He is such a creative God who loves diversity. People need to know God’s message of love for them and they need to be able to read it in a language they can fully understand and speaks to their hearts. This is often referred to as the ‘mother tongue’. That is what we are involved in; we believe that Bibles in mother tongues are key to evangelism, church planting, discipleship and growth.

After 11 years in Nigeria, we returned to the UK in 2022 to support our son through university, but modern technology enables to continue serving! 

Tim will soon start to serve as part of SIL's International Language services team, providing support developing funding strategies and the implantation of new planning and management software.  Tim's capacity in these areas will enable others to focus more on their own areas of service, generally with language communities who need their help.  

Ali will soon start serving with the Progress Bible team. It will probably involve working with multiple partner organisations and encouraging all the various groups and individuals working on projects to keep submitting information and articles into our global information systems so strategic decisions can be made based on accurate information.

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