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USA Elections

This content is over a year old now. Please, read this page keeping its age in your mind and realise that not all the links will work. I'm happy to hear from you if you find anything that is broken or dysfunctional, but I may or may not be able to do anything about it!

to be honest, i don’t care.  I didn’t get a vote.  I got bombarded with media fro 3 months, but I didn’t get a vote.  I foolishly got curious about hte process and stayed up WAY too late to see what was going on, more distubingly I could choose form 4/5 channels that were all covering it!

I have struggled along the way, not leaning to one candidate or another, mostly becuase i didn’t have to!   But you hear things, and read things about both sides, and then you hear people in the church running around sayign stuff abotu both candidates, and the little helpers.  If you took it all in, you coudl beleive that both were born again christians, or neither of them.  1 was a muslim, the other black, either could be pro or against abortion, gay marriage, etc.   1 person even commented about needed to read up about thier faith, before decideding.  I was thinking maybe you need to actually talk to the person before deciding if he is a chrisitan or not!     Very few peopel have written up about it, without makign obvious thier opinion, and stood up and said actually enough is enough.    Then i came across Mark’s post …

Around the dinner table last week I asked my kids who they were going to vote for. My son replied “Obama” and my daughter, “John McCain”. I asked my daughter, “Why?”. She said because that is who we (Jade and I) were voting for. Dax commented back “No they aren’t, they are voting for Obama.” I smiled. Neither of my kids had picked up on who I was voting for. I liked this. It made me feel “fair and balanced”.

BIG hat tip to Mark Matlock — he happens to sit on the board for Wycliffe USa, he runs and organisaiton called Planet Wisdom, i’ve hung out with him, he is wise and a cool magian too!

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