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The diet

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Been two and a half weeks since i started again, yes again, sad isn’t it really, start the diet again, whats the point if it didn’t work the first time. Or in fact the second time, well fact it as 18st i need to shift a few pounds. This diet worked last time but when Ali caught cancer, other things seemed more important, then an unexpected house move with short notice also threw it off, so anyway i topped out at 18st just before Christmas decided it was time to get on with it again. Been running the last couple weeks, back up to 20 mins again, surprising painless actually, feeling good about that, half a stone down already. just 5 other halves to go.

I also made a sort of bet with my pastor, he and i are a little competitive, not often against each other, except the odd game of pool or darts, he also said he needed to loose a few pounds, so we agreed that by River camp our church annual weekend away at the end of August, he’d loose a stone and a half, I said I’d loose three. Think I am ahead so far, he has gone on holiday to Toronto for a week!

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