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Robinson Ministry Update – 3rd Sept 2019

Morning all!

Jos is feeling quite soggy and a bit chilly at the moment. It is raining almost every day and our house has a semi-permanent moat around it! Dan has started term and settled back into the routine. He is taking more tough classes this year and is definitely getting more homework. One of his classes is roughly equivalent to an A-level and is in Computer Science Principles (but he is looking forward to utilising Lego Mindstorms) and two others would normally be taken in Grade 11 rather than the Grade 10 that he is currently in. He is handling it so far but please pray he can keep up with the intensity!

Last week we had a couple of visitors from the Wycliffe UK headquarters, Andrew Chard and Matt Rutter. Tim took them to visit the Koro Bible Translation projects in Kaduna and Nassarawa states. They also had a chance to visit our office and took the time to talk with staff from all the different areas that we work in.  We hope that this visit will help Wycliffe UK to have a better picture of how we can be involved with the work here, especially in terms of funding and sending more people! In other news, we have putt our house in Chinnor on the market. Our motivation is more about financial planning than anything else.  Selling the house will allow us to release some capital so that we can buy up north with a smaller, shorter mortgage. Please pray with us as we explore the different options and trust God as we seek to wisely invest the resources he has given us. Thank you for your prayers and ongoing support, we thank God for you! Praise — Successful visits from Wycliffe UK visitors — Dan settling back into school routine Prayer — Dan handling harder levels of work at school — Wisdom as we try to sell our house and decide how to invest the proceeds

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