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Robinson Ministry update – 25th Feb 2020

Happy New Year! (Better late than never)! Sorry for the long silence. Things have been busy and the last update we wrote somehow slipped between the cracks and never quite made it out to you! If you want to catch up on it you can find it on our blog

We are into the heart of the dry season now and experiencing weather quite the opposite of the UK at the moment. We have not had any rain for about 3 months. We are praying for those of you in the UK who have been battling floods from too much rain. Tim has done a fair bit of travelling since the start of the new year. He drove out to visit some of the Bible translation projects in Niger State with a few others. Then he flew to Malaysia for some international meetings and back via Singapore for another meeting! Last week he was in Cameroon doing some leadership training along with another member of SIL Nigeria. all three meetings have been great and Tim has come back excited about the expanding possibilities! Please pray for him that he will be able to recover quickly from all the travel and be able to catch up well on all the work that has built up in the meantime! Tim also has an important interview on Thursday this week, as part of the group’s discernment process, He is being considered for the role of SIL Nigeria Director. Please pray for peace and clarity of communication during the interview and for wisdom for those making the decision.

I (Ali) have been doing quite a bit of editing recently, working on a large set of survey reports to give them a final polish before they are sent for publication. These surveys will give us and the other Bible translation organisations in Nigeria a much better picture of exactly what the remaining needs are so that we can start to plan more effectively for how to be involved in meeting them. Without good information on these languages it is hard for Bible translation organisations to plan strategically.

I also did some training on copyright issues with a group of Literacy Coordinators from 5 different language projects. I had fun coming up with a farming analogy for copyright and turning it into 3 short dramas to help communicate some of the key ideas. The participants certainly found it quite funny!

We are also working on our plans for visiting the UK this summer. If you would like to see us, please do let us know so that we can make sure we don’t miss you!

Praise Good progress being made in many areas at work Informative and beneficial meetings that Tim has been able to attend. Prayer Smooth transition for Tim (and me and Dan!) back into “normal” life when Tim gets back. A God-honouring interview for Tim.

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