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Potty training

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MY WORD. i know raising a child has many many pleasures, high fives on the playing field, new sentences every day, tiny converse shoes, the early morning snuggle as he climbs into bed with his cold feet okay so that isn’t great!

There are also many many challenges.

The first was faced by Ali, the whole giving birth thing was a challenge. The latest is potty training. Just Monday we started proper full time potty training, no more nappies in sight not even at night. Someone gave us a great tip saying that her 4, yes 4 all went dry though the night before they were dry in the day, all because they didn’t have a nappy. Interesting, I am still a little skeptical of the advantages of that. Thank goodness we have a washing machine. I did how ever have to pop to Asda and buy some more pants, 11 pairs simply wasn’t enough.

He now has big boy pants, with Thomas the tank engine on them. Very exciting. no honestly even for me as I approached the check out in my biking gear with two packets of pants and some stickers! Not as bad as then realising the person in front of me was an old school mate. However he was 1 of a set of twins and I still don’t know which one I was talking too. Embarrassing. I think Matt, but I haven’t seen either of them in years so I honestly have no clue.

We have chocolate mango treats, and soon a sticker chart, if you have any more suggestions that will help us please let em know. Ali found a book called “How to potty train your child in 3 days” I don’t believe it is possible, any managed to make it work?

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