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Our God Reigns??

This content is over a year old now. Please, read this page keeping its age in your mind and realise that not all the links will work. I'm happy to hear from you if you find anything that is broken or dysfunctional, but I may or may not be able to do anything about it!

A VERY big challenge that hit my as I was giving the seminar, about God loving the whole nation. His desire is fro everyone to know him. Everyone, not just the nice neighbours, or the town kids, but also the bad people. The bombers, the plane crashers, the murderers. ( BBC News article about a girl who was murdered in Italy last night, was from Leeds uni where we were today. L ) Osama Bin Laden, he loves Marilyn Manson, he loves who ever kidnapped Madeline mcann,( ) HE LOVES THEM ALL. But what about my judgement? Am I the same as Jonah who said they don’t deserved to be saved so I don’t want to go and talk to them. Yes I probably am. WOW I need God to break through into my heart.

On the way home I had an encounter. I was thinking some more about this whole God loves EVERYONE thing it really started to get to me. I have not even got close to God’s heart for the lost. Not even a glimpse. Friday nights we have a drop in at the community centre in Risborough and we get between 30 and 70 kids through each night. Some can be really annoying and I just want them to start a fight so we can physically remove them. IF ONLY! But God loves them too. What would he do about it. What would He be talking to them about? I was listening to Delirious in the car, there song really got hold of me. The song was Rain down and the bridge goes, “Do not shut, do not shut, do not shut the heavens, but open up, open up, open up my heart” I rewound and turned it up and listen again then as I thought about those people that God loves and I don’t I start to sing along, then rewound again, then really starting crying out for God to open up my heart and do some surgery and change me and mould me and give me a part for his heart.

The next track was written about the position of African orphans and HIV victims, and the chorus was real to me again. The reprise later in the album too. In fact at a gig they did a few weeks ago, they did this song and by the time they hit the guitar solo Stu G was on his knees, but then end so was Martin and Jon … quite powerful.

These are the lyrics.

Our God Reigns

40 million babies lost to Gods great orphanage, It’s a modern day genocide and a modern day disgrace If this is a human right then why aren’t we free? The only freedom we have is in a man nailed to a tree.

100 million faces, staring at the sky, Wondering if this HIV will ever pass us by. The devil stole the rain and hope trickles down the plug, But still my Chinese take away could pay for someone’s drugs.

Our God reigns, Our God reigns, Forever your kingdom reigns.

The west has found a gun and it’s loaded with ‘unsure’ Nip and tuck if you have the bucks in a race to find a cure. Psalm one hundred and thirty nine is the conscience to our selfish crime, God didn’t screw up when he made you, He’s a father who loves to parade you.

Yes he reigns, yes you reign, yes you reign, For there is only one true God, But we’ve lost the reins on this world, Forgive us all, forgive us please, As we fight for this broken world on our knees.

Written by Delirious? ©2005 Curious? Music UK

As I prayed for God to reign in my heart he broke me again. Hard to drive with tears forming, maybe I need to pick a better time to pray! I can’t get over the need for me to have God’s heard for the lost. I pray he will keep changing me until I have his heart, I hope it will change the way I react to the news and to the annoying kids!

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