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lost opportunity?

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Well yesterday was an interesting day to say the least. firstly I took my bike out on it’s longest ride yet. 120 mile round trip to Redhill in Surrey. Apart from spewing oil all over my left shoe and leg and a nice puddle after I park, it was wonderful to filter thought he stuck traffic on the M25. Not as scary as I thought it would be and generally found drivers were polite and not aggressive at all. Maybe it was a mate who had told me how irritating drivers can be in such times I was prepared for the worst. I learnt 3 things on my outing. 1) Time to put the inner back in my jacket. 2) Get a bike with a Faring. (for the non bikers that is the little windshield on the front of the bike, which dramatically reduces how much wind hits your body and head as you ride, sort of deflects it over you!) 3) need to start doing some finger exercise so the don’t cramp up- on longer journies. None of those are a big deal now, but if Ali ever passes her driving test and starts driving to work, I will also need some better fitting trousers than the pair I have borrowed and probably some proper boots too! The reason for the trip was not so great, it was to attend a funeral. Bert Hat, who is my aunts grandad, yeah i know, a close relative of mine, but one of those chaps who has always been around on family occasions and Christmas and weddings and the like, a wonderful man, who was full of life and humour. He was 96 (not a bad innings at all) and died peacefully at an old peoples home after moving in a couple years ago. But 1 thing struck me GREATLY during the service. Now it wasn’t the old organ, or the 90 year old pianist who accompanied the chap from the London philharmonic orchestra, nor was it my cousins seizure at the end of said piece, but it was Bert’s brother who gave the most wonderful tribute. all these amazing things I never knew about grandpa as we all knew him. For example, was a class 1 ref for a while. That is the equivalent of a premiership ref these days. He got free tickets to all the internationals and cup finals at Wembely! He also set up Redhill and Reigate table tennis league, and their chairman and also the chairman of Bowls clubbed (dubbed as old men’s marbles by his brother!). This guys who at the most I knew did bingo for us at Christmas parties, got a mobile phone for his 90th birthday and learnt to text, loved having sky sports and learnt to play golf in his 90s. Hoe little did i know him. Hoe little did i ever take the time to find out about his childhood, or his national service, or the time he spent living in India in LUXURY having got passed as an officer in the army. Lost opportunity now, not going to have chance until we are in Glory with him. At least there is comfort and hope that he DID know Jesus, he WILL be in heaven. It was a wonderful yet thought provoking service!

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