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From Eden to Eternity starts this week

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“When you follow Jesus you do things you never thought you would do!” Andrew

After months of planning, promotion, and preparing, the Saltmine team have just finished loading the van with all the equipment they will be using over the next 4 weeks. The team will be travelling over 2000 miles over the next few week by boat, plane, car, van and maybe even foot occasionally!

Performing 18 times in a vast array of places we are excited to see what God will do on this tour!

First stop is Dublin, then they travel to 5 venues in Northern Ireland, one of these being “Stormont” (NI Parliament building). Then over the water to Scotland for 3 performances, then to 9 venues across in England.

Please pray for safely, energy, enthusiasm, as they travel, perform and relate to those who attend the performances. • Good ferry crossings tomorrow – Tuesday • for the local people in the venue areas who have worked so hard to arrange and promote the shows. • that people who attend the evenings will be challenged by God’s Word and that they will read their Bibles more. • Individuals will be challenged to get involved in the Bible translation ministry.

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