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We were designed to work

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Watching the rugby France are ahead and they deserve to be to be honest but I have a short attention span and wanted to whip open the laptop. I don’t have a laptop it belonged to my previous job and so stayed with that job. Not so long ago it annoyed me. The lack of laptop and the lack of getting one. It was a lifestyle I was accustomed to and enjoyed. Thank goodness on reflection that my value and identity are in Christ!

Jesus and his disciples

It the midst of my suffering I was Reading some Bible, Eden to eternity inspired me to reflection on creation. You know I found, we were designs to work. That Is part of God’s design for us. WOW. Never really thought about that before. No wonders there is so much depression and struggle when people are unemployed. It goes beyond the initial and obvious financial struggles in to a lack of self worth simply because we are not fulfilling a basic part of our designed purpose.

I have often wondered what was so attrarive about gardening, mans first job! First jobs often hold a special place in our heart.  I’m still not a huge fan!

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