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Robinson Ministry Update – 8th May 2020

Greetings from Jos! We have been operating under a fair bit of uncertainty (as I am sure are many of you!) over the last few weeks and months. During the last week or so we have received three pieces of information that, although not necessarily good news, have at least removed some of the question marks we had! See if you can spot all three below! 😉

Plateau State has settled into a lockdown routine of no movement from Monday to Thursday and some movement around town for shopping etc allowed from Friday to Sunday. Knowing that this is the expected pattern is helping us to plan better and gives a more predictable shape to the week. Relieves a bit of stress!

Our case numbers are still really low in Plateau State (a total of only 4 confirmed cases so far as of Thursday). But other states around us have much higher numbers of cases confirmed so it sort of feels like only a matter of time before it explodes here. At the moment the bigger concern is the hardship caused for those who normally earn a daily wage who are unable to do so.

Dan has less than two weeks left of school so we are encouraging him to push hard in order to finish well. His Computer Science Principles coding project is nearly done although it still has a few stubborn glitches! He has coded a game of noughts and crosses that you can play against another person or against the computer with an easy and a hard level. Lots of things to think through! He is planning to add an option to play Ultimate noughts and crosses as a fun summer project. If you don’t know what that is, do ask him! We have finally had news from the airline that our flights to the UK for the end of May have been cancelled but they have let us keep our options open and we have until mid-December to decide when we want to move them to. So coming to the UK this summer is now definitely not happening and we will spend the summer here instead. Sorry not to see many of you that we had hoped to see but, given the circumstances, not surprising news!

You may remember that quite some time ago we told you that Tim was being interviewed for the position of SIL Nigeria Director. We have no heard that he has not been offered the position. He is now working through what the implications of that are. Tim is not disappointed as it was always clear that there were other options for him and through the process he was also affirmed as highly essential in his current role.  Praise: Clarity in several areas that had been uncertain Prayer: For Dan to finish this school year well and perform to his best ability For those who are struggling due to a lack of opportunity to earn money during lockdown. As always – ongoing grace and patience towards one another!

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