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Robinson Ministry update - 6th May 2022

Greetings from a delightfully greening Jos!

We have entered our last month here in Nigeria. Tim and I have mostly handed over all of our work here and are focussing on sorting out all the practical details of moving countries and continents.

I (Ali) spent last week in Abuja attending and presenting at a consultation between Nigerian Bible Translation organisations and church leaders. It was a really exciting opportunity to share the current status of Bible Translation in Nigeria and also the remaining task. One statistic that I think shocked people was that, at the current rate, it will take until 2180 (158 years) for all the language varieties in Nigeria to have a published New Testament!

Dan has three key exams coming up. We would really appreciate it if you could pray for him for energy and clear recall and processing. He has AP European History on Friday (tomorrow or today depending when you read this!). AP Calculus on Monday and AP Physics on Thursday.

He is also involved in the High School musical, playing President Roosevelt in Annie. Their first performance is on the Thursday of his last exam!

Please pray for all of us for energy and peace and wisdom in all the decisions and processing we are doing this month.

God bless,

Ali, Tim and Dan

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