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Robinson ministry update - 21st May 2021

Dear all,

We are at T minus 7 days for travelling to the UK! It has been three years since we were all there. Tim managed to get the ticket name issue sorted out so we are good to go, pending a negative result on the COVID tests that we will take next Wednesday! Still lots to do in preparation for leaving here and arriving there but the anticipation is building. We had fun putting together a Tesco online order full of food that we have missed, to be delivered to our isolation location.

Some thinking done during strategy meetings

It will be no surprise to hear that Tim has been busy. He helped run three afternoons of remotely facilitated security response training, this was followed by 5 days working with the rest of the Leadership team on what SIL Nigeria's strategy should be moving forward. Both really important but of course this has impacted his ability to get other tasks done so please pray he can get everything necessary completed without undue stress. By the time you read this he will be off to visit a language project on Saturday, coming back on Sunday, so no downtime over the weekend. He is quite looking forward to our 10 days of isolation in the UK where we won't be able to go anywhere or do very much!

Dan has completed his AP exams (Biology and Chemistry) for the year and his SAT exam. Not a lot of feedback from him about the content or on how they went, but he got them all finished in the time allowed and didn't feel like any of the questions stumped him. [UPDATE - we just heard that he has scored 1440 on his SAT, we understand that is a pretty good score]. Thank you for praying! He still has end of semester exams in three subjects that he will sit on Tuesday and Wednesday next week. He has made his choices for next year and I have to confess that some of his classes look fairly fearsome to me! He will be doing APs in Physics, Calculus and European History as well as standard classes in English, Bible, Math of Finance and PE.

Thank you for praying for the situation with my (Ali's) frequent migraines. I was able to see a Neurologist who has prescribed me some preventative medication that we are hoping will make a difference. I am a bit concerned about how I am going to handle all the travelling around during our time in the UK if the migraines continue so it is encouraging to at least have something that might help!

If you can take the time to pray for our last week and a bit before we travel, we would really appreciate it!

Praise UK ticket issues finally sorted Helpful appointment with a Neurologist for Ali Dan's AP and SAT exams seemed to go well. Prayer Getting all the final jobs done both at home and work Negative result on our COVID tests so we can be cleared to travel Dan to finish the semester well

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