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Robinson Ministry update - 14th September 2022

Greetings from Lancaster!

Homes sweet homes. We have had a reasonable number of places we have called home since we got married, not to mention all the ones we individually had before that.

It can take a while before the place where you sleep feels like a place you can call home, but I think we are starting to get to that point here in Lancaster, UK.

For those of you who are wondering what we are up to, here is as much as we know at the moment. We are still Elim Denominational missions serving with Wycliffe Bible Translators UK. We are taking a sabbatical to readjust to the UK and rest after our eleven (11) years in Nigeria. During this time we will be doing a bit of travelling around the country to visit individuals and churches who are supporting us, and work on raising the extra support that we need according to the budget for living in the UK now. We hope to start the New Year with new roles, still with Elim and Wycliffe, but serving from the UK. What our new area of ministry will being being worked out and we would appreciate prayer that we and those guiding us will be wise and follow the Lord's leading.

We are settling into a new church, Father's House, which is an Elim church here in Lancaster, only about 25 minutes walk from our house. We have felt warmly welcomed and have appreciated people's willingness to be honest and genuine. It is lovely having Tim's family close by and we have hugely appreciated the help they have given us in making this home. Ali's family are about 2 hours drive away but we have also been able to spend some time with them which has been very special.

We are hoping to make the great trek "south" towards the end of next week. We have a speaking engagement at a church in London and then one in Iden Green, Kent the week after. If you are in the vicinity of High Wycombe or Horley we would love to see you so do get in touch!

We are delighted that Dan accepted to go to the University of Newcastle starting in September 2023 to study Chemical Engineering. There was a slightly stressful interval where it wasn't clear if they were going to accept the evidence that he had of his grades and whether they were going to charge him as an International student but we were very relieved when he heard that his evidence was accepted and that he will be treated as a home student! In the meantime he is taking a gap year to get adjusted to UK life and to earn some money. There is something of a tradition of gap year students spending some of their year in a country that is foreign to them, Dan will be doing just that, but for him, that will be the UK!

Please do continue to pray for us, we value and need your prayers.


Our new house feels like home

New ministry opportunities are unfolding

Opportunity to rest and find our feet


Wisdom as we explore new areas of service

Finding healthy ways to rest

Making friends in our new home

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