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Robinson Ministry Update 12th July 2022

Good morning from not so sunny Lancaster. We have made it back to the UK!

Dan and Keith (Tim's Dad) Painting
Dan and Keith (Tim's Dad) Painting

Sorry for the long silence. Getting into our new house took a little longer than anticipated. This did mean that we had a couple of less intense weeks when we first arrived, which in hindsight was a blessing. At the time it felt fairly frustrating as we didn’t know from one day to the next when the sale was going to complete!

Tim has not coped very well with all the uncertainties and chaos of living in a house in transition. There are boxes everywhere and nothing has a home yet. Having Asperger’s makes these times very stressful. Please pray that we can minimise the chaos and make wise decisions and settle in quickly.

Please get in touch for our new address. We hope to have a functioning spare room available before too long and would love to see any of you that would like to visit! Right now Dan is occupying the spare room until we have capacity (and Tim’s Dad is available) to build him a high bed with a desk etc underneath in his own room. :-)

It seems strange to be settling up house here and Nigeria feels like another world. Many things are a lot easier here but we miss our friends and the place we called home for 11 years. I (Ali) had a shocking email this morning from a friend of mine who works for one of the other Bible Translation organisations in Nigeria. He shared that on Tuesday night a pastor friend of his had his home broken into, he was shot, his two sons were killed and his daughter kidnapped. Please pray for that family, for God’s healing and comfort and justice. For the return of their daughter unharmed. Please also pray for the perpetrators that God would shine his light into their lives.

All people need to know God. All people need his Word in a form that they can access. In a language and a medium that speaks clearly to them, that can illuminate their lives, that can result in transformation. Without it people are lost, without hope.

We are still passionate about this need and are looking forward to finding out what new roles our Heavenly Father has for us in helping him to meet this need.

Please do continue to pray for us and for lives all over the world to be transformed through access to God’s Word in their language.

Tim and I are taking a 6-9 month “sabbatical”. During this time we probably won’t be writing to you quite so regularly but we would love to see you and will be doing a bit of travelling around the country. Please get in touch if you would like to see us and we will set something up!


We have a house to live in!

We are closer to family.


Missing our other home

Finding a healthy equilibrium quickly

Peace through the transition

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