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Expanding our Reach: Robinson Ministry update - April 2024

Greetings from Lancaster! 

Field coordinator training

Since we last wrote Tim has been to mainland Europe to participate in a workshop for Field Coordinators run by one of our funding partners. His flights all worked out in the end so thank you for praying! Field Coordinators are the people who bridge the gap between our language projects and our funders. They participate in planning language projects, building relationships and providing information about progress back to those individuals who have donated to the project. Tim is not being trained to serve in this capacity but he attended the workshop to better understand the expectations of this funding partner and build some relationships with those who work there. Tim’s Area Director was also present and they had a very positive time together. Tim was reassured that he is taking his role in the right direction and that what he is doing is greatly appreciated.  One of the ideas coming out of the conversations is for Eurasia to gather a group of our staff and key staff from our various funding partners to develop some mutual understanding of terminology and expectations. Tim desires to see those gathered agree on a series of principles that reduce the time it takes to negotiate a project and reduce the friction created by misunderstandings. The idea has been very positively received.  

Salamis where Paul and Barnabas landed on their missionary journey
Salamis where Paul and Barnabas landed on their missionary journey

Eurasia team meetings

A couple of weeks ago, two of the teams that Tim works with had staff gatherings at the same time and in the same location. Tim and I (Ali) were both invited to join them. It was a real advantage to be able to interact with both groups and a huge bonus for me (Ali) to be able to join Tim on this trip.  Both of us agree that the advantage of face-to-face connections makes trips like this very worthwhile.   Between us, we probably had over 50 interactions or meetings during the week, many of which might not have taken place if we were not present at the meetings. Ali is excited that more people have a better understanding of the Ethnologue and are keen to share the language information that they have.  Tim is excited that for many people, he is no longer just a name and an email address. This will mean that he can be even more effective in his role. He is also excited to have invitations to visit project locations to gain a much better understanding of their contexts and realities. 

Home front

Dan has been home for the last 3 and a bit weeks for his Easter break. I (Ali) will take him back over to Newcastle at the end of this week and then spend the weekend with my parents in Gateshead. Tim meanwhile is off on another work trip. This one is to North America for Global Language Program Services meetings for a week.

We still need to reach our monthly support goal. If you would prayerfully consider being part of what God is doing by supporting us financially we would love to hear from you or you can use any of the options on this page of our website.


  • For focus and good understanding for Dan as he starts the final term of his first year at Uni.

  • For safe travel to North America and productive meetings for Tim.


  • Beneficial and productive trips to Field Coordinator training and Eurasia team meetings.

  • Good chunks of time with Dan over his Easter break.

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