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Robinson Ministry Update – 10th March 2016

This content is over a year old now. Please, read this page keeping its age in your mind and realise that not all the links will work. I'm happy to hear from you if you find anything that is broken or dysfunctional, but I may or may not be able to do anything about it!

Greetings from a slightly sweaty Jos, Hot season has arrived in force! It certainly makes me more grateful than ever that we live at altitude here on the Plateau so don’t have to suffer through the severely high temperatures the rest of Nigeria is experiencing. This time of year always feels like a waiting game, when will the rains come? We had about 5 minutes of light pattering a few days ago, the first rain in almost 6 months. However, the serious rains probably won’t begin for a while yet.

It feels like life is slowly settling back to normal after a very busy few weeks. The Director and his wife made it back safely, for which we are very thankful. We had a week-long visit from the head of the SIL Language and Culture Archives and his wife (Jeremy and Janell Nordmoe) last week, which kept me busy!

A large chunk of my job is working with the Archives to make sure that all the work produced during a translation project is not lost and is also widely accessible to both the language community and to others who might find it helpful. I had a reminder the other day of how vital this is. I was talking with a member of staff of one of our partner organisations and he told me about a translation project that had translated several books of the New Testament and then had to stop for a few years due to a lack of staff. When they got ready to resume the project, no one could find the books that had already been worked on! They had to start again at the beginning. My desire is to help make sure that this never happens again.

At the end of last week we had an Open Day at the office (really more like 2 “Open Afternoons”, but that is just not as catchy!). Our Nigerian Missionary Staff were able to invite their supporters to visit and learn a bit about the work we are doing. I would have loved to invite all of you but I guess the distance would have been a little off-putting! Our estimates are that we had over 100 people come and visit the office over two afternoons. One man told me “Now we really understand what this is all about, you are doing a great work!”.

I am sorry that none of you really have the opportunity to see the exciting and vital work that is going on here first hand and I am so thankful that, despite that, you are willing to pray for and support us! Thank you!

If you have a few minutes, please do pray for us.

Praise A successful visit from the Nordmoes A encouraging Open Day, especially for the Nigerian Missionary Staff.

Prayer That our Director will transition back easily and have the capacity to get back up to speed quickly That we can help our Partners to develop effective processes for archiving

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