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RobinHood features Bible Translation

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I KNOW!  It seems some what unbelievable. and to be honest, it is a little unbelievable.

[beware spoiler  — BBC Robin Hood series, Easter weekend episode]

BBC new robin hood series, which I have to admit I REALLY enjoy watching. 

Keith Allen as the Sheriff is simply brilliant! 

Start of the 3rd series now airing saw Friar Tuck join the gang and this week’s episode saw him at logger heads with the local Abbot.  The Episode is ‘Lost in Translation‘ and it turns out the serif is blackmailing the Abbot in order to catch robin.   HOW I hear you cry, not sure about the timing, (‘ll check it out before I post)  but the Abbot was translation the Bible into English.  Which of course was ‘Illegal’ at the time.

There are a couple of EXCELLENT scenes, 1 where the friar 1st understands the abbots plans and he can’t believe it.  His line was ‘That’ll start a revolution, people will be able to understand the will of God for themselves!’   Oh boy did that make be chuckle!

2nd moment is when Robin’s gang hear about it, 1 strict believer was like oh not, that is heresy and we’ll all die.  A couple of the other guys were like ‘ no wait, that means i will be able to understand it! for myself!  I’ll never have to ask what it means again’   All this on the BBC!!


I find it hard to imagine a time when there was no Bible in English.

I find it hard to imagine that I could not understand God’s word.

over 200 Million people in the world have not a single word of Bible they can understand. 

What is it like for them?  How do they cope with church, how do they understand God’s love for them?

Wycliffe’s vision, is to see a world, where every single person can have access to a Bible in the language they understand the best.  Who wouldn’t want that for them??

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