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Prayer Update – 16th November 2013

This content is over a year old now. Please, read this page keeping its age in your mind and realise that not all the links will work. I'm happy to hear from you if you find anything that is broken or dysfunctional, but I may or may not be able to do anything about it!

Greetings from Jos.

The large junction right outside our compound is being pulled apart and reconstructed, they have been working on it for several months now and still have a long way to go! So we are basically living on the edge of a construction site. The noise is not too bad, much better than the constant car horns we used to have anyway! Over the last couple of days they have expanded their site further along the road and this morning Dan and I had to clamber around a large pile of dirt that blocked our path to school. Not too much of a big deal really, until we realised that there was a large digger adding dirt to it as we were trying to squeeze around it! Health and Safety here is certainly is not the restrictive beast that it is in the UK.

Tim and I both had a fairly busy weekend last weekend, both of us on very different “retreats” that happened to have been organised for the same weekend.

Mine was for Hillcrest Staff and it was very relaxing with plenty of time to read and enjoy good food.

Tim’s retreat was much more work orientated. There is a group of leaders from different organisations involved with Bible Translation that meet every two months or so and share what they are up to. There was a desire to push it beyond just sharing reports and to try and actually talk about strategy and how they can better work together. So they set aside this weekend to spend together and have more time to discuss partnership, strategy and build relationships. Tim came back very energised (at least emotionally if not physically!) and excited about the progress that had been made. We are praying that it will have an on-going impact in the way these organisations work together.

In many ways it was a massive answer to prayer. Tim was remembering back to a meeting 3.5 years ago when he was visiting Nigeria with Kent Anderson, before we had even considered moving to Nigeria. That meeting was supposed to be a gathering of the Bible Translation organisations to talk about partnership but it didn’t really have the desired effect. To have come from that to the groups spending a weekend together and talking seriously about how they can better work together is amazing and clearly shows God at work in these organisations. This is God’s task that he has allowed us to have a part of!

On Monday we had our Wycliffe World Day of Prayer that Tim was organising for our group. The idea is that all over the world, the Wycliffe Groups gather together and pray on that day as a reminder of how fundamental prayer is to our mission. We had a good time praying in small groups and large groups and individually for the work and for the country. Tim did a great job of organising it and keeping it varied and interesting.

Dan had to present his Creative Arts Fair project to his class at school on Wednesday. Last year he wrote a stand-up routine which brought the house (or maybe I should say the school) down. This year lots of people were asking him if he was going to do the same thing again but he opted to do a family tree of the Greek gods instead. He has been enjoying reading a series by Rick Riordan that is kind of the Greek gods in modern day and that has got him interested in Greek mythology. We haven’t heard yet if he will be presenting again in the main chapel (if you are British, think assembly) as well.

I hope you are all well, please do let us know if there is anything that we can pray for!

If you can, please could you take a few minutes to pray for the following:


A hugely encouraging weekend for Tim and beyond that for Bible Translation in Nigeria!

Dan enjoyed presenting his Creative Arts Project


That the ideas shared and commitments made over the weekend would bear fruit

That Tim would be able to rest well and recover from all the hard work he put in

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