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Ghana launches Blackberry

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Technology IS a wonderful thing!    Ghana has launched blackberry.  Now i have no idea if anyone that isn’t a rich expect or in government or head of banking ifs actually going to use it, BUT it could go 2 ways.

With the lack of normal phone masts in remote areas, mobile phone use grow very quickly as the industry decide it was cheaper and easier to erect mobile phone masts instead of running traditional land lines.   IF it could be made affordable, people would probably LOVE to be able to do their email on their phone instead of having to queue or wait at the local   Internet cafe with 3 old computers donate by a company in the USA who didn’t need them any more … (sorry for my cynicism).

The key is can they make it affordable….  lets be honest $650 for pre pay or $130 a month post pay … HAHAHAHAHAHA

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