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Farewell song — 3

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To the tune of

Shrek in the swamp karaoke dance party

Don’t go leaving this song is cheesy It’s sad to see you close the door

You helped us through the rainy mess, Although our tents were soaked through We would have no place to sleep it weren’t for you.

I like meal times and I cannot lie, Though he never ever made us pie, He made us curry and spuds and it’s good But when I get desert I get a


It’s fun to stay at WYnet with Tim It’s fun to stay at WYnet with Tim

Do you really want to leave us? Do you really want to make us cry?

Boo hoo boo hoo I’m Gonna cry I’m gonna cry Boo hoo boo hoo

Who got his head shaved, Tim Tim Tim Tim Tim Who got his legs waxed. Tim Tim Tim Tim Tim

He was an awesome drummer His use of a capo was neat, yeah yeah yeah.

You were great but now we are run by Stevo it is pretty nice

Goodbye timbo Hello to stevo (Repeat to end)

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