14 Aug

Togo 2010 – what really happened?

So I was off in Togo for most of July, and amazing time on sooo many levels. Great to go out and visit places and people I have known for the past 12 years. It was especially brilliant because it was a trip I didn’t’ think I would ever get to make again. Having left […]

23 Jul

Togo 2010 Update 4 – Sent on Thursday 22nd July

Hello families and friends, sorry the updates haven’t been very extensive, due to an upset laptop we couldn’t send any emails whilst in Bassar, so bit and pieces were sent via texts. However, we have just arrived safely back in Lomé to take on the last couple of days in a bit more comfort. I’m […]

16 Jul

Togo 2010 Update 3 – Sent on Thursday 15th July

I’ve just had a series of text messages from Tim as Samuel, the local translator’s computer has broken. It will hopefully be up and running again sometime after the weekend. Your prayers would be much appreciated as it’s not only used as a communication tool for us and the team but it has a lot […]

13 Jul

Togo 2010 Update 2 – Sent on Sunday 11th July

Monday 5th Pretty much the whole day was taken up with travelling to Bassar. We and all our bags piled into the minibus and headed off at 0700! We arrived about 1500 and promptly prayed over the building our beds and then the rains came! Boy was it loud, pretty awesome! Hanging mosquito nets is […]

05 Jul

Togo 2010 Update 1 – Sent on Sunday 3rd July

Hi folks, sorry for the lack of contact, we landed fine, managed to eventually get visas in Lome airport and found all our bags with no problems! The first few days are always tiring, due to the travel and the change in climate, but everyone is doing really well. Saturday was spent getting used to […]

29 Jun

From Eden to Eternity is all over for 2010

Well I am sure by now you have got the idea of that the tour was all about. If not .. go check out www.eden2eternity.org Friday night saw the very last performance of the 2010 tour and Swindon turned out in force for a truly wonderful performance. Over the past 7 weeks, over 3700 people […]

14 Feb

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-14

Glad to see my Family again, didn't' sleep on the plane, so slept most of Yesterday! CANNOT believe there is snow. OH how i miss NIgeria # Slowly getting back on my feet, have really got to focus and get those last few church venues sorted. # Just about to start my new weekly acl […]

07 Feb

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-07

hanging on on the veranda outside our rooms in #jos. awesome project visit last week, not off to meet all the various parters. can't wait! # still slightly shocked by the stories of the crisis in #jos. All the meeting and stuff are going really well, meeting loads of awesoem peeps # I never realised […]

31 Jan

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-31

Supposed to be flying out to #jos later this week, not sure if the trip is still going ahead or not. more news later! # trip to Nigeria is … ON. Starting to get excited about it now, still have lots of #fe2e things to do before i go! # GO MURRAY!!!!!! # YES Andy […]

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