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Spring Harvest week 1

This content is over a year old now. Please, read this page keeping its age in your mind and realise that not all the links will work. I'm happy to hear from you if you find anything that is broken or dysfunctional, but I may or may not be able to do anything about it!

Springy week 1

Well, four hours of driving, a very large tent that was not there 15 years ago, and a whole lot of rain. Being newbies to the spring harvest exhibition proved obvious as soon as we tried to get into a closed door. Not knowing anyone or really having any expectations of what the place was going to be like we were extremely surprised to find out the ‘exhibition’ is basically a bunch of stands dotted around the skyline which normally has bar restaurants and entertainment stuff. We found our spot, we pop off to the car to get our stuff on getting back to lovely chaps from ‘inyourfatith’ had dumped all their stuff where we were trying to get set up. A hunt was on the exhibition manager. Steve was a great chap. Sorted us out, explained all the ins and outs and got us a space to set up. Things got messy when the computer screen we had for the Wii didn’t work. We headed off ot the team lounge ot get our info pack and room key, only to discover that they didn’t have us on their list! A couple of phone calls and a conversation with thebandwihtnoname boys and another hour later we finally got room keys to our unexpected apartment with kitchen and lounge. EXCELLENT. A brief trip to Tesco to get some lunch supplies and a TV for the Wii, we got set up and ready to rock. Inclusive dinner in the restaurant was a new experience, buffet roast lamb or about 3 other things, and salad, and desert, we were pretty pleased, then off to open the stand. We had an amazing first night 47 people, we only have a target of 140 for the week, so we actually left at 2300 shattered but very pleased. The rest of the week, we found a nice grove, of chilling and working hard full English breakfast and meeting loads of new friends, 283 to be exact. I KNOW literally twice our target. I have no idea how the other weeks are going to pan out, but frankly I am excited. By the end of April we may have doubled our WYnet Database, and made loads of new contacts with connect and fro Wycliffe. High light has to be meeting a guy who started by asking my where he could get a copy of a bible printed especially for dyslexics.( why is that word so hard to spell?) he explained single column, large print and on yellow paper. I said I had no idea, but would do some research for him. We got talking to discover he is based not far from us and is involved in some very high powered computing technology called I2. I can’t go into what he does for a living, but it is WAY cool, and he is working on an idea to 3-D map the bible for people who don’t think linearly and don’t engage with read straight text. Dead herd to explain without sounding like the complete geek that I am! The winning Wii high score was 55, stevo’s best was 54, pretty awesome, but the wee (no pun intended!) guy was 13 and amazing haha! Most embarrassing moment was Stevo asking 2 girls if there were over 13 to fill out their own forms, only to get the forms back to discover they were 19 year old twins! A lot of fun, a LOT of hard work, but awesome.

Here’s a wee video of the puppet guy, our stand was opposite them.

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