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Robinson ministry Update – 14th Sept 2020

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Sorry it has been so long since we wrote, as you can imagine, there are many contributing factors but mostly I (Tim) have failed to find the space and energy to post the updates that Ali has written, when days roll into weeks and weeks roll into months, it seems very easy for us to miss things. Sorry if you have been wondering what is going on with us. Do feel free to reach out at any time. The following is my (Tim’s) attempt to gather all those highlights into one message. Strap in and enjoy the ride!

In some ways much has happened since we wrote in June, in other ways much has stayed the same.

We have remained in wet season, it rains most days to a greater or lesser extent and our cold cement floors force Ali to wear fluffy socks and make regular use of blankets in the living room. We keep discussing having a fire in our fireplace in the evenings but when we get there it seems a step too far.

The number of COVID-19 cases are continuing to rise in Plateau State where we live, but the lockdown has not been re-introduced so we are just trying to take sensible precautions and not take any unnecessary risks. Our office has cautiously been opening for staff who feel they are able, to return. We have implemented a high level of precautions include face masks, handwashing stations, temperature checks and limits on sharing offices and numbers of people in meeting rooms.

My (Tim’s) state of not-so-well being has been a continuing journey. After conversations with my counsellor we concluded that all the extra effort needed by my Aspergers brain to deal with the constant stream of unknowns in every day life dealing with the Covid-19 realities has led to pre-depression (I also sometimes have struggles in that area) burn out. I’m glad to have the help to figure it out, and I’m glad we are able to spot things before it is too hard to come back from. We have implemented a bunch of changes to help avoid further burn out and hopefully reach some recovery. I am trying to only work half days with some people interactions in the office which has been good, but I do find I can get ‘done’ with people pretty quick. I’m glad for the down time in the afternoons. I have made it out on a few project visits ?(see pictures below) which has been very encouraging but also tiring, I am still trying to pinpoint the appropriate levels of energy and doing stuff. Ali stepped back from most of her SIL work for a while in order to better support me and keep the housework under control.

Car after a trip to the village.

With some of the Duya team and committee

We all got a year older in July, but we did safely reach the end of our birthday month. Dan is now sixteen and Tim has attained the grand old age of 40! I’ll leave you to figure out Ali’s age, if you are so interested!

Tim’s Birthday Cake

Dan’s Birthday Cake

Ali’s Birthday Cake

Dan started back to school near the start of August. It will be online at least for the first quarter as the government has not allowed schools to reopen yet. It has been mostly good, quite tiring and quite a challenge to get to grips with new classes and teachers in a purely online format. He is taking a couple Advanced Placement (AP – USA college level) courses ((Biology and Chemistry) that he really needs to do well in if he wants to have his pick of University places in the UK.

Many, many moons ago, we mentioned that our house in Chinnor was going on the market. Finally, 11 months (moons?) later, we accepted an offer on it. The offer was for the full asking price and the couple who wanted to buy it are selling their flat to first time buyers. This makes it a really short chain as we are not looking to buy immediately. However, since Ali wrote the above, those buyers have pulled out and we are still awaiting another offer. In the meantime we served notice to out tenant who is moving out near the end of October. We will have some hard decisions to make if we don’t have another buyer very soon. The house was such a clear blessing from God when we bought it and we are trusting Him that He will continue to bless us through it, whatever that looks like.

My (Tim’s) Grandma peacefully graduated to heaven on Wednesday the 15th of July. We are so thankful that she was able to spend the last couple of weeks at home with Graham, her husband, and many of the family were able to visit her. Her funeral was held and while it was sad to not be able to be there to celebrate her face to face with the family, we really appreciated being able to watch it live online.

Tim’s Grandma Ruth

We still don’t know what a trip home might look like or when that might happen, but we have until mid-December to decide how to use the airline vouchers that we have from the flights we had booked for this past summer.

Thank you for your care and support over the last month, these are not easy times but our Father in heaven is faithful and loving.


Tim’s Grandma Ruth had a peaceful progression on to heaven. God has watched over us and granted each of us another year of life. We are still able to continue living and ministering here.


Continued recovery for Tim and wisdom on how best to facilitate that. That Dan will be able to stay on top of his work and have good communication with his teachers. Continued wisdom on sensible COVID precautions to take

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