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Robinson Ministry update – 13 -Jan 2020

Good morning all

Happy New Year!

Well, the Harmattan has arrived, the air is hazy with dust from the Sahara desert and it is chilly. I never expected to need four blankets and a hot water bottle in Africa but that has been the case over the last week or so!  We had a well-balanced Christmas and New Year with busy times and restful times. I (Ali) wasn’t very well again before Christmas but was thankfully feeling back to normal by Christmas Day. Tim served up an amazing Christmas dinner to 18 people which was followed by the annual cross-country croquet championship (in our “garden”). Boxing Day saw the usual local cricket match organised by Tim. For New Year we did our (now traditional) pig roast where we bury a pig on hot coals and rocks on New Year’s Eve and then dig it up in time for lunch on New Year’s Day.  Over the last year I (Ali) have been chairing a committee looking at the building of trust and unity across our local organisation. We are now rounding up and following on from an all day meeting last week and I am working on our final report. It has been an absolute privilege to be able to be part of this process but I will be glad to have more time for other aspects of my job!

Tim has a few trips coming up over the course of the next month. First he will be going to Niger State to visit the language projects over there. It is a long drive and sections of the road are really bad so please pray for safety for him and those who will travel with him. Then in early February he will be flying to Malaysia for some meetings to look at creative ways to fund missions. We are starting to make our preparations for visiting the UK this summer so if you would like to see us, do get in touch!

We value your prayers for us and would love to also be able to pray for you! If you have any prayer requests, do let us know! Praise Peaceful and joyful Christmas and New Year Fun times eating and hanging out with friends

Prayer Tim’s upcoming travels Preparations for the summer, especially church visits, to start to come together.

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