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Lucky man – Michael J Fox

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Michael J Fox - a GREAT read!

Ever since I watched the first of the Back to the future trilogy over and over again as an 8 year old in PNG, Michael J Fox was one of my heroes.  I mean any high school aged guy who can time travel was SOO COOL!   Not sure who he is? Check out his profile on IMDB – the internet movie database.

I was in a book store, (yup pretty bored) with unused book vouchers in hand, thinking I would be stuck in hospital fro 5 days.   I saw Fox’s book ‘Lucky Man – a Memoir’ and decided it was a must read!

Michaels struggle to find work in his beloved field of acting, the struggle to move from his Canadian home, the story behind how he got that back to the future job is also intriguing! More than finding out about the man’s working life how ever, is the how he has dealt with the debilitating Parkinson’s disease.    The process of diagnosis, and denial, and how it effected him, his work, his own family, his wider family, and incredible honest insight.    It reminded me a lot of our family having to deal with Ali and her Cancer diagnosis.   It also made me wonder about how I take for granted the fact that I have God in my life.  What scares me more, is i wonder how much difference does it really make.   If i was writing this book, how different would it really look?  An unexpected challenge while reading an autobiography.

This book is a great read if you are a fan of Fox or if you are interested in Parkinson’s disease.

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