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I watched the news again this morning stunned, and to be honest slightly numbed.   almost monthly there is a global crisis and it simply doesn’t have the same impact on me that they used to.   I think i need to pray for more compassion.

They need our prayers. All of them Haiti isn’t exactly the hot bed of Christian revival, a country shrowded in Voodoo Practice  Poor infrastrure every wear means 60% of the nations buildes collapsed.  a population of 9 million where 6 millino of those are portentially homless now.    Tha tis like the etirey of London having no home or provisions.

They need our money to start helpign those in need.

I still don’t knwo what to make of it.  one of the atrosities that are being reported.  People stuckign collapsed hospitals unable to get our surrounded by those already dead.

One thing that DID impact me, the report of “a group of Christian MIssionries” being the first ones on the first plane out of there.   My first reaction was, HOW DARE THEY.  6 Million peopel in need and they are getting out of there!   I do overreact.  As i have thought about it, they probably arent; trained to cope, let alone provide the correct support.  maybe gettign them out is rigth thing to do, make soem room for peopel who are trained.  But there they all were, typical American ‘mission tourists’ all in thier clean team shirts with water bottles boarding the plane.  I think i would have been bear back by then, given my shirt to someone who needed it.  Would also have prevented any TV crews filming me!

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