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Expanding Our Reach - Robinson Ministry Update June 2024

Tim and Dan are home! After 3 quiet weeks at home on my own, both Tim and Dan are now back home. Tim is back from his 3-week tour of the world incorporating 3 different continents and medical treatment in 3 separate countries. More on that below! Dan is home at the end of his first year at Newcastle University. The washing machine is earning its keep this week!  

Summary of Tim’s Travels

Week 1 in Europe

This trip was neat not only for work reasons but also because I was able to hang out for a couple of hours with some friends who lived in the city we were meeting in.  Meeting folks face-to-face is often so much more effective than only meeting online, and these meetings processed a whole load of stuff that would have taken weeks and weeks if not face-to-face.

We spent the week exploring different models and tools to help our ministries including fiscal realities and models that challenge some of our historical ways of working. It was an extra privilege to travel with my dad but hard for me to fully engage in the meeting with a toothache resulting in having to get a wisdom tooth pulled out while there. (All is now well!) 

Week two in Asia

This conference was something that I’d heard about for years and have not been able to attend until now. This year 650 people gathered to explore opportunities and trainings all about learning how language communities could use different media to access scripture.   It felt far more like a trade fayre than a conference with over 100 organisations represented, some giving more and some receiving more.  It was a privilege to meet so many people including some of my team that I’ve only ever met on Zoom before.  Great to be able to talk strategy and plans for next year.   

Week 3 in the Middle East 

This was an absolutely fascinating conference for three reasons.  One - Meeting members of the wider team that I haven’t met before is a continuing theme of my travels.  Every time it is SO great to connect face to face, rasliing that every email or Zoom meeting after that will be a little easier!  Two - I enjoyed the conversations (even if I didn’t understand it all) exploring the realities of working in particular contexts.  There are translation issues that just don't apply everywhere and there is great value in having a forum to explore them with others in similar contexts. Three - the chance to explore some of the biblical locations in the area.  

I am off to East Africa this week and Europe again (on my bike) later in July. 


Dan’s first year at Uni has gone well. He has made a wide variety of friends from the Board Game club, Christian Union, his course and Historia Normannis (a living history group). He has connected well and settled into a local church. The work has been challenging but interesting. He is going to have to resit one of his exams over the summer so we are praying that will go smoothly. He also hopes to finally take his driving test, though getting this sorted is a challenge.  

Please pray for us as we get used to being all 3 at home again. These times of transition are not always easy, especially when we are tired. Pray that we will have abundant grace for one another as God has for us. 


My (Ali’s) boss is part way through a 6-week maternity leave during which I am minding the fort for her. It shouldn’t be too much extra work, mostly just replying to any urgent messages and keeping things ticking over. 

Thank you so much to every one of you who pray for us and support us. You are essential to this work!


Tim and Dan are safely home

Productive and informative meetings for Tim

Dan thrived in his first year at Uni


Positive times reconnecting as a family

Grace for one another

Tim is off this weekend to Nairobi for a conference

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