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What is our aim?

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Mark Woodward who has picked up on Tim Davy’s post about metaphor which Eddie mentioned a few days ago. (i LOVE how that happens!)

Mark has written a very challenging post that gets to the heart of what mission is all about:

When talking about Bible translation, do we talk about completing a task or sowing seeds? Talking about completing a task may reflect a focus on ourselves and our work, when in fact God invites us to join in with what he is already doing around the world. Are we advancing towards our goals or working with others to help them achieve theirs? Just as God invites us to join in with what he is doing, he also expects us to be united with other believers around the world. This doesn’t just mean allowing them to be part of what we’re doing, but truly respecting and serving them as they play their part in God’s mission.
Is our aim increased efficiency in reaching people or better relationships in serving people? Western culture may value efficiency, but at the end of the day God’s mission is about him transforming hearts and lives, not us achieving tasks. In our desire to see the most lives changed as quickly as possible, we cannot afford to focus on simply accelerating a process at the expense of real relationships with people. (read the whole post)

My question is HOW am I going to be influenced by those points in my everyday work?  What do I consider the most important part of my work, achieving or building?  As I get into my new assignment, please pray that i will take these on board, as i develop new relationships, but at the same time desperate to achieve good things for my new team, new boss and ultimately God.

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