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Robinson Ministry update – 5th December 2019

Good morning!

It is my favourite time of year here in Nigeria. Every day has clear blue skies and bright sunshine. The plants are still clinging to their greenness, despite the lack of rain. The harmattan dust from the Sahara has not yet arrived. Perfect!

One of my friends, who is spending her first Christmas in Nigeria this year, asked me how I get “in the Christmas mood” when it is 30C outside! It can feel a bit strange at first but I really appreciate the lack of commercial pressure and the chance to consciously shape our own thoughts about Christmas rather than feeling squashed into a Santa Claus shaped mould. I am praying that we will use the opportunity to see something new about Jesus and the crazy story that is his birth and that we will allow that insight to change us, make us more like him.

Thank you for praying for my health. I am doing so much better, feeling much closer to “normal”. Please pray that this continues and I can find a good balance for my meds.

Dan entertaining the crowds.

The large dinner event that Dan’s class put on was a success, everyone was fed in a (fairly) timely manner. Dan did a couple of “stand-up” joke routines which seemed to go down well! 

Working well in partnership is a beautiful thing but it does require a lot of groundwork and discussions. Tim was involved in the next round of discussions (and negotiations) about the Khinnor project (name of the language has been changed to protect those involved as the language is predominantly spoken by followers of a different major religion) with the large group of partners who are making plans to work together on a revision of the New Testament and translation of the Old Testament. This is such an exciting project with the potential to impact a huge number of people who do not yet know Christ. Please pray for everyone involved in this project, that they will know the Lord’s protection and strengthening and will be able to work well in unity.


I am feeling much more myself!

Dan’s carnival dinner event went well

Good progress is being in planning for the Khinnor project


A fresh, transforming insight into the wonder of Christ’s birth

That I can find a good balance for my thyroid medication

A strong, God-honouring foundation for the Khinnor project

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