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Robinson Ministry update - 10th September 2023

Greetings from Lancaster!

It is T minus 1 week for taking Dan over to Newcastle to start university. How did we get here? I'm delighted and excited for him but I (Ali) am definitely going to miss him a lot!

Earlier this summer Dan had a great time at the beach mission in Nefyn reconnecting with many of the same people that he met last year.

Booking his driving test proved to be a little less successful. He couldn't find any open slots at the Lancaster test centre in Heysham so he had booked the test at a centre in Barrow-in-Furness, which despite being 12miles as the crow flies, is actually a good hour and a bit's drive away. A slot opened up in Lancaster so he moved the test to there but then his driving instructor wasn't available that day! Anyway, the new plan is to do it when he is back over here for Christmas. Hopefully that plan will go more smoothly.

Meanwhile Tim and I have been plugging away at our jobs with lots of zoom calls and spreadsheets. I've been enjoying working on supporting some language data gathering that happened in Vanuatu at the end of July. Lots of things to sort out after the event like getting maps of language areas updated and making sure the new information gets into Ethnologue.

Last weekend Tim had a great weekend away on the Isle of Man with some of the men from our church. Good conversations and a beautiful place!

I am still getting frequent migraines and had a nasty episode last Saturday (while Tim was away) which had me vomiting every 20 mins. Dan took great care of me and in the end a lovely friend from church drove me to A&E where they gave me an anti-sickness injection and put me on a drip to get some fluids into me. I was in and out within 3 hours but it took a couple of days to fully recover.

I now have a new preventative medicine which I am praying will help.

Thank you all for your support and prayers. Do let us know how we can also pray for you.


Dan enjoyed his time in North Wales at the beach mission

He is mostly feeling ready for university to start


That Dan will start Uni well and develop good friendships and healthy rhythms in work and play

That my (Ali's) migraines will ease up

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