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Just teach them all English!

This content is over a year old now. Please, read this page keeping its age in your mind and realise that not all the links will work. I'm happy to hear from you if you find anything that is broken or dysfunctional, but I may or may not be able to do anything about it!

The chruch relatoins team i work with, InFocus has produced a series of Info sheets to aid the churches who supprot Bible Translation. The latest one is all about why we don’t teach everyone english.

This will be my first Blogging series. It will be a mini series of 4 posts.

Why not teach them all to read English?

Almost everyone promoting Wycliffe’s policy of translating the Bible into minority languages hears this idea suggested:

“Surely it would be better to spend your time teaching them all to read English!”

Why some think this might work

• No need for the time-consuming linguistics training and the years spent in language-learning and translation. Time saved is money saved. Less money is needed for training people both here and overseas.

• Since so much good written material is available in English, progress in evangelism, Bible use and church growth would start earlier and be much quicker.

• As converts become proficient in English the vast electronic resources on the internet open up to them.

• Communicating with other people groups and churches is so much easier when one common language is shared.

TOMORROW – Why the bible shows a better way.

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