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Global Leadership summit 2012 – Too afraid to fail?

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Geoffrey Canada, part 2.

Failure is not something we like to admit to. Sometimes we hide it away, hoping we will learn from it ourselves.

Geoffrey’s running schools, hard ministries with very high expectations and high pressure positions that need people to deliver over and over again. He is trying to change a culture, not rescue a few kids. Geoffrey was right out there, naming his most regrettable mistake: giving people a second chance.

He had Bible-believing, passionate people who were desperate to see the change happen, but they were simply not up to the task required of them. It held the ministry back and it denied kids the best opportunities. He wished he had been able to recognise that he needed people who could deliver every time.

This one really got to me. We work in an organisation that is staffed by self-employed volunteers. Throw in the whole issue of ‘call’, and getting people out of jobs that they aren’t suited for, and are being unproductive in, can become very hard.

I stopped and looked at my roles and whether I fitted them or not.  What will I do when it is time to move out of those roles and hand them over?

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