13 Aug

Farewell Song — 1

Everyday at WYnet Camp this summer, each team was challanged to video a task.  Monday was Human pyramids, Tuesday a fake Syncronised swimming routine, Wednesday, the challange was to write a song and shoot a music video in memory of me.   You see, Wednesday evening was the official hand over of WYnet to Steve.   If you really want to know more, ask about the maglite!

My next few posts will be said videos with the lyrics.   They all made me laugh and cry all at the same time!

Here is the first,

To the tune of

Viva La Vida by Coldplay

You used to rule WYnet,
Awesome talks and a big worship set,
Thinking up themes and games,
Funky scoreboards and group names

We shaved off all your hair,
Waxed your legs till they were bare,
Singing in the highest key,
Cos Tim sings like a lady

Thank you Tim for all your cooking,
Smash like playdoe it was…interesting,
Dutch long shot at the highest speed,
Running down the field like a one man stampede

For some reason your leaving us,
so pack your bags and get on the bus
Move to the office next door
Cos your not young anymore…

09 Jan


Well it has been and gone hasn’t it. Ours was nice, not too exciting, nearly a disaster. Dan had a bout of chicken pox just as school was ending, which could have stopped our plans. Ali’s nana is 92, and susceptible to infections, chicken pox, would not have been so helpful to have running around in the house! We managed to make it to church on Christmas morning, well we kind of had too I was leading the music, which also meant an 0830 start 🙁 No presents opened, did manage a spot of scrambled Eggs on toast with smoked salmon. A good effort.
Post church we headed off to Ali’s parents for a lovely lunch and afternoon of presence games, and washing up! If I could work out how to get the pictures off my iPhone I would include some here. Until them you’ll have to either check my Facebook or imagine!
Boxing day we headed to the sales, I know what heathens are we, but the with new house imminent it seemed we might be able to get some essentials, like a cooker! For a bargain. Needless to say we didn’t actually by anything until their week, just as the fax was arriving stopping the sale prices .. phew! But that was sofas, not a cooker 🙁 Post sales we headed down to Tim’s aunt and uncle in Horley, great time had laughing playing eating drinking, laughing some more then sleeping.
Monday had me headed of for WYnet’s passion conference. I was cooking in a flipping freezing kitchen, seriously no-one should be chopping veg at 3 in the afternoon, and be able to see their breath .. especially not IN side a kitchen .. it was every kind of wrong!

Any way, I came home fairly exhausted to say the least, but I do love working with young people!

26 Aug

Summer is finally calming down!

Well I have finally finished my epic summer. Togo, 5 days, WYnet Camp, 6 days then soul Survivor. Many, many highlights to share but I will restrict myself to a couple from each place

Togo: Getting 205 Ntcham New Testaments into the hands of people who need them ,also the epic journey to the top of the mountain 🙂 A whole lot of stuff already posted about Togo… go read it!

WYnet camp: Definitely Thursday evening, getting all the leaders releasing stuff in prayer over all the peeps who were at camp. It was an amazing privilege to stand there with a bunch of wonderful amazing young people all desperate to see God move in them an through them. Also amazing to see Young people desperate to see God working in their lives and that they were prepared to be open to God using us. Okay i say us, i am really thinking wow God wants to use ME. I somehow lost sight out that the last couple years. All the routine of summer camp, easy to organise and put everything in place, but being open to God using you, that never fits into a plan! It sort of revived my desperation to see God move in my life and to use me at every given opportunity. Thanks gang for being open to that, thanks campers for being open to God!!!

Soul Survivor: Going into 10 days of Camping and exhibiting already tired is NEVER a good plan. Thank you Steve for putting up with me and helping me get through! This was the first time I have thought, maybe i am actually getting to old for this job! I hate camping at the best of times let alone in Gale force wind and flood producing down pours. We made a lot of good contacts, had a LOT of great fun with our Neighbours from Ellel Ministries in the Tool shed exhibition. A lot of the time was blurred with the news that Christophe one of the translators in Togo had died. I knew it would happen, he had stomach Cancer, but trying to deal with that, a colleague of 10 years, and 20 people to call and inform was not easy in the middle of exhibiting.

26 Jun

Tim and the Togo team get set

Bit of a delay in gettin it on here but here is the first update from Tim and the Togo team . . .

So the team has been together for a whole 30 hours now and we are now
at a hotel right near Heathrow so we can check in at 0530 Thursday
morning. Orientation has gone very well, and we can’t wait to get
out there to see African life in full swing.

*Pray for safe travels to Lome (Capitol of Togo).
*Pray for the 1 visa we need to get in the airport!

We land in Lome Thursday 1735, and Samuel who is our contact on the
translation team will be meeting us at the airport and we will head
out to the SIL guest house. SIL is Wycliffe’s partner organisation in
Togo and many other places around the world.

Friday we’ll be doing some cultural orientation and aclimatisation,
we’ll be visiting a couple of other partner’s offices and generally
absorbing the African atmosphere! Tim will be off getting money
changed and buying supplies.

*Pray for safety in the supply buying and money changing.

Saturday we will head up to Bassar in a minibus stopping to visit a UK
short-termer who is making dictionaries. She also happens to live
next door to a lady who sells cloth so we will have our first cloth
buying experience.

*Pray for safe travels on the roads

Then we settle down in Bassar for the majority of our stay! I hope
to pop a quick message out to let you know we have arrived okay.

06 Dec

Digital Native vs Digital Imigrants.

Had a fascinating chat to my Dad last night and he mentioned this idea of Digital natives vs Digital immigrants.

wikipedia define it like this.

A digital native is a person who has grown up with digital technology such as computers, the Internet, mobile phones and MP3. A digital immigrant is an individual who grew up without digital technology and adopted it later. A digital native might refer to their new “camera”; a digital immigrant might refer to their new “digital camera”.


Not saying that everyone born after 1982 is a computer genius, and no-one old has a clue, in fact the digital world was created by apparent immigrants, so how much truth is there actually in that idea?

I think there has to be SOME truth in it, the kids of the 90s do have a different mind set. Encyclopedia Britannica is going out of business because no-one needs to have a bunch of books to look things up any more. You have a thesaurus, a calculator, a dictionary, currency converter and measurement converter all on your home page without realising it. A government petition doesn’t mean going down to London any more. Log on anywhere in the world and sign the petition for what ever takes your fancy. (My latest was to give a refund to the people who were at uni 98 – 04 who were done out of grants, and have to pay interest on their loans)

I heard someone complaining about how young people never relate to each other any more, all they do is sit on the computer. But for many people that IS relating, just not maybe how it was done 20 or more years ago. The idea that people can comment on your blog for the whole world to see is a bit scary. Image a news paper reporter who published EVERY response to an article. For starters we could be there for a year just reading the result of 1 column, but it also has a HUGE impact on vulnerability. When you post on a blog you do make yourself vulnerable to the whole world. But there is also a measure of self regulation. If someone was gong to respond to this post, they will probably use nicer language, and a more positive argument simply because the whole world is able to read what they wrote.

For the digital native (I probably am one even if a couple years old) it is interesting trying to work with digital immigrants. We run a few websites and facebook groups and myspace and youtube stuff, sometimes trying to explain why we need to put stuff up there is hard! Personally I find, some people get it and some people don’t.

Fascinating. So what about digital immigrants who are trying to build international computer systems that natives are going to be using? How do we work cross-culturally when designing and developing systems? Do we realise that the two groups are actually looking at this form two different angles? The web is no longer a place to share information, it is a part of life. Shopping dating, social integration, game playing Christmas shopping, insurance, auctions, cars houses, pets, children (not auctioning them!) health care!! Digital is no longer PART of life. For many of us, it IS life.

29 Aug

Summer is over, NEW JOB begins

SOO summer is kinda over… WYnet cmap was awesome cooking for 45 peeps was actually quite enjoyable. Pushed the boat out a couple times even had soup at lunch time! Fiona did an unbelievabley great job of running the camp and I SOO glad she is part of my team you wouldn’t believe it. Talk about the team, WOW they were also blinkin brilliant to say the least!!

but now I have kinda rested up, finnished book 6 of Harry potter.. yes I am a bit behind, but on only started book 1 3.5 weeks ago…. soo for one who hates ready I think I am doing pretty good there… just have to see the new movie…. umm..

Work has taken a new twist these last couple of days todays email announcement nicely sums it up.

“I am delighted to announce that Tim Robinson has accepted my invitation to
fill a new role which will combine heading up both WYnet and Connect
therefore bringing 13 to 25 yer olds under one leadership. Stephen Thomas
will take on extra responsibilities for WYnet while we welcome Jess Adams to
the Mobilisation Team to take on Connect responsibilities. Jess is from
Pontypridd, Wales and was a WYnet member as a teenager. She has graduated
with a degree in English literature and creative writing at Leeds.”

HOW EXCITED AM I?????? very.
I am wondering how ever how am I going to cope with giving up so much of what I love?
How am I going to cope allowing someone else to imprint thier style and ideas on to what has been mine for the last 5 yers?
How am I going to cope with 4 of us in my stupid little office? (might need to work on that!)

We shall see what God has in store!!

03 Feb

Capo song FOR REAL

Well, bonjour! I have at last made it to posting on the blog!

Here is that song that tim wrote for new year…


you can find loads of other wynet videos on youtube check this out…


This is the first post that I have managed to do on this blog, been meaning to for ages but never got around to it! Maybe this will be the start of a whole new era in the life of our blog . . . and then again maybe not.

All a bit crazy when there is a two and a half year old with amazing amount of energy running around. Love Dan to pieces but he does make it a little tricky to spend much time on the computer. I know, excuses, excuses!

Well, best be off to sort some lunch. Hope you enjoy the video, it was certainly very funny at the time!

06 Jan

End of an era

Well it is chucking down with rain on this glorious Saturday morning, just been out to help Alex take down all the lights. So that’s it, until next year.. BOO HOO 🙁

But whilst clearing up inside, I re-discovered a wee song I wrote for our new years eve bash. Okay to be fair it was inspired by someone else who wrote this song first, but the guy who told me about it could only remember like 3 lyrics so me a couple others got together to finnish it off.

Just so you know what a capo is….wikipedia has the answers

It needs to be sung to the tune of “Light of the world” by Tim Hughes

[verse 1]
Light of the world You stepped down into darkness,
Gave me a Capo set me free,
Now i can play any worship song i want to,
With just three chords G D C.

So here I am to worship
Here I am play songs
Here I am to sign them really loud,
The Capo is so lovely
I couldn’t live without it,
Playing in a key only I can sing.

[verse 2]
Keyboards and drums make a nice combination
Pleaseign the Lord up above,
But every time that i play with my capo
The lords comes and fills us with his love!

So here I am to worship
Here I am play songs
Here I am to sign them really loud,
The Capo is so lovely
I couldn’t live without it,
Playing in a key only I can sing.

I’ll never have to learn new chords,
I can play and play and not get bored, (repeat)

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