14 Nov

Prayer update – 12th November 2014

Morning all!
I remember being told once that those who had the time to write a diary never had anything interesting to put in it and those who had interesting things to write about in a diary never had time to write one. Not convinced that is really true but it has kind-of been the case with our e-mail updates recently – too many interesting things happening and no time to write about them!
So a quick whistle-stop tour of the last month or so . . .

IMG_2322On a Monday and Tuesday in early Oct we had a Sallah break (in Nigeria both the Muslim and Christian holidays are national holidays). On the Monday we went on an adventurous hike in the hills near Jos, lots of rock scrambling and an interesting time trying to work out how to get back down the hill! On the Tuesday we went swimming with some new friends (a family with four kids who recently arrived from America to join Nigeria Group).

In mid-October Ali travelled to Ghana for a week to learn more about GILLBT (Ghana Institute of Linguistics, Literacy and Bible Translation – an organisation that does similar work to us, but in Ghana – in fact the organisation that my (Ali’s) parents worked for when I was growing up). Before you start to wonder, we are not looking to move to Ghana, but to see how our organisations can work together and learn from each other. I was particularly learning about their digital archiving and digital publishing plans.

The financial year ended at the end of September and as the finance department comes under Tim now in his role as Operations Director he was buried in year end processes for pretty much all of October and on into November. Despite discovering a few new things he did not know about previously, the process really went very well considering it was his first time! He also had the complication of introducing a paradigm shift in the way we deal with project funding for next year. The exciting thing is that Nigeria Group really is leading the way in implementing this, but it does mean that Tim gets to discover the pit falls first!

IMG_2336Near the end of October Dan had his one week mid-semester break, so we headed to Abuja for a few days with another family. The place we normally stay very generously offers missionaries free accomodation in beautiful self-catering apartments. This year they were full but kindly found space for us in some longer-term rental apartments next door. We had one two-bedroom apartment between us and our friends the Barnhoorns (who have 4 kids), it was a little cosy, especially after we added Jono’s brother! Great fun though and good to be somewhere different for a few days.

Then for the 3 days at the end of the week just gone, we had our annual Staff Conference. Everyone in Nigeria Group gathers together for a time of remembering what God has done over the last year and looking forward to what he is going to do in the years to come. Tim and I both ran workshop sessions where we had to run the same 20 minute workshop 5 times in row – I went to sleep at about 7.30 that night! One thing that stuck with me from this year’s conference was a reminder that this is not our mission that we ask God for his help with but that it is God’s mission (Missio Dei) that he generously allows us to be a part of.

Looking forward, my (Ali’s) parents are coming to Nigeria on Friday to stay for about a month! They are coming primarily to work with the Nigeria Bible Translation Trust (one of Nigeria Group’s partners) but we hope to see them on the weekends!

Nigeria is in election season. The president is up for election. This can be a time of unrest, especially as the parties vote for and announce their candidates. This first round (Primaries) were to take place on the 22nd of November but will have been moved. They and various other votes will now take place 6,7,8,10 + 11 December, so please be praying for it to be a peaceful process and that God’s will be done.

-Ali got to revisit Ghana, her childhood home
-Good times of rest and fun with friends
-Successful financial year-end processing
-Encouraging Staff Conference

-Recovery of our energy after the busyness of Staff Conference
-Mum and Dad will travel safely and their time here will go well
-That elections proceed peacefully

21 Mar

We were designed to work

Watching the rugby France are ahead and they deserve to be to be honest but I have a short attention span and wanted to whip open the laptop. I don’t have a laptop it belonged to my previous job and so stayed with that job. Not so long ago it annoyed me. The lack of laptop and the lack of getting one. It was a lifestyle I was accustomed to and enjoyed. Thank goodness on reflection that my value and identity are in Christ!

Jesus and his disciplesThis last couple weeks at work have felt turbulent but have been really good. Eden to eternity is awesome it was great to play a tiny bit shooting some pics. It also gave a sense of purpose for those few days. I was contributing something that would count it was great. Then this week start meeting with my boss who has been very occupied with the tour to start working our what I can be doing for him. I have picked up a couple things and you know it was great to have some work to do. I’m nut great at doing nothing it is true but I felt dealt released to get on with some stuff. Maybe it is the morning exercise or the eating healthy maybe it is everything. But feeling good!

It the midst of my suffering I was Reading some Bible, Eden to eternity inspired me to reflection on creation. You know I found, we were designs to work. That Is part of God’s design for us. WOW. Never really thought about that before. No wonders there is so much depression and struggle when people are unemployed. It goes beyond the initial and obvious financial struggles in to a lack of self worth simply because we are not fulfilling a basic part of our designed purpose.

I have often wondered what was so attrarive about gardening, mans first job! First jobs often hold a special place in our heart.  I’m still not a huge fan!

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