17 Jul

Child protection gone MAD.

Nick is one of my mates, he is an author by trade, he has done whole heap of stuff, he just wrote a great post about he madness of the Vetting andBbarring system.

It’s difficult to work out what is more offensive about this scheme, the idea that people like Quentin Blake should be vetted, the sheer brain-rotting, dull-witted stupidity of the idea, or the obviously venal charge of £64. All that will happen – all that is happening already – is that people won’t bother. I occasionally go into schools to do talks, but I’m not going to pay £64 for the privilege. And I object to the default position being ‘all adults (males) are a threat’.

Read the whole post here

I beleive Jonny Ball the old due who did all the maths and science stuff holds the same position.

I really appriciate the sentiment of the last comment quoted. As the media cover more of these stories is it fair to say people begin to think that every man is a threat? same thing applies, is every muslim a threat?

I appreciate the need to keep kids safe. Dan is at school this very moment as I type, and I appriciate the school won’t let him leave unless they know who he is leaving with.

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