23 Jan

Prayer update – 23rd Jan 2014

Greetings from Jos (and Nairobi)!

Dan’s first week at school seems to have gone well.  He is however getting very tired and we are praying that this is just the adjustment back into busier and more structured days.  Getting homework is proving a challenge because he is so exhausted when he gets home. 

Our Danish neighbours returned over the Christmas break and Dan is delighted to have his playmate, Jonathan, back.  They spend pretty much every spare minute together, riding their bikes around outside, planning new “clubhouses”, playing with lego or on the Wii.  Jonathan is in the grade above Dan at school and we are so grateful for the way they get on so well together.

My first week back at the office has also gone well.  I have been working (on and off) on an Access database to help us keep better track of our language information for a couple of years now. It has been something that keeps getting put off because other, more urgent, things crop up but I have finally decided that the “other” things will just have to wait.  As a result it has made huge progress over the last week and I am hoping to have a working version up and running by the end of the month.  I am sure it will still require plenty of tweaks but it will feel like a triumph to have it populated and in working order!

Tim left Jos early Sunday morning to start his trek to Nairobi.  You might not think that it is such a long way (it is still in Africa after all!) but as he left Jos at 7.30 am and did not arrive in Nairobi until 11.15pm (1.15am Nairobi time) it makes for a very long day! Tim is mostly enjoy the interactions and chance to understand more about how the organisation operates at a higher level. 


Safe travel for Tim to Nairobi
Good start to the new year for Dan and Ali


More energy and stamina for Dan
Productive meetings and good energy for Tim

12 Sep

Prayer Update 12th September 2013

Greetings one and all!

Rainy season is starting to ease off here, we are no longer having rain every day without fail and the sun is putting in more of an appearance. I like this time of year because after months of damp and cold (OK so at around 20oC I appreciate it is all relative!) the weather is warming up and drying up.

I am attempting a small vegetable growing area this year (hence at least part of my obsession with the weather!) and am currently having at least some success with radishes, broccoli, red bell peppers and butternut squash. Not so much with the beetroot sadly, only 2 of about 20 have germinated. Any suggestions from the experienced gardeners out there gratefully received!

Also on the domestic front, I had a Massively Meaty Saturday last weekend. I took a group of 9 ladies to the local Abattoir to buy beef and pork. We then returned to our house (where, in a rather embarrassing mishap, I had managed to lock us out!) and processed the meat, preparing most of the pork with curing salts to make ham and bacon. Looking forward to trying some of that in a few days once it has finished curing! I also made sausages using casings (for the uninitiated this is the outside bit that holds the sausage together) that I had brought from the UK. Last time I tried this I actually bought fresh intestines from the Abattoir, cleaned them and stripped them, but the smell and the amount of work was just too much, even considering the tastiness of the sausages! So this time I “cheated” and bought ready-made casings.After making about 5 kg of sausages our freezer is now full to bursting! 

Dan is enjoying fourth grade but does not seem to be quite himself at the moment. Some days he seems fine and is his usual cheery self but then the next day he will be easily upset and see even basic tasks as massive mountains that he can’t face. Please pray that we will have wisdom to know what the root issue is and how best to help him.

We have our Staff Conference coming up next week, Wednesday to Friday. Tim is involved in the logistics for this and will be helping to make sure that everything runs smoothly. I will be giving a brief presentation on one of the aspects of my job (REAP – Repository for Electronic Archiving and Publishing) to try and encourage people to use this resource to protect and share their work more widely. I am also hoping to run an after-hours hands-on session for people to come and get some help to get started on using it.

  • Praise Enjoying the improved weather Having fun in the garden and the kitchen!
  • Prayer Spiritual, emotional and physical heath for Dan Successful Staff Conference next week
29 Nov

Hillcrest School

The AMAZING people in Nigeria have sent us a little DVD of Hillcrest school.   We thought you might be interested.

You can also check out their website. http://www.hillcrestschool.net/

We are in the process of arranging a coffee and cake do one afternoon in Jan, keep your ears and eyes open for the invite!

22 Nov

More detail on Ali's school post in Nigeria

A few people got in touch after my post about Ali submitting her CV for teaching in Nigeria.   Coming out not long after our newsletter about fundraising, I think I might have caused a bit of confusion. Sorry about that!  Here is my attempt to clear it up.

As Wycliffe members servign overseas we need to raise all the support we need before we can go.
Ali’s assignment we hope, will be to teach at Hillcrest school in Jos.
We hope Dan will be a pupil at the same school.
The school is managed by a collection of organisations working in Jos, Wycliffe is just one of those.
The school won’t pay Ali a salary, but there is a sytem in place to discount the fee’s we need to pay for Dan attending the school.   The more teachers that Wycliffe provide for the school, the bigger the discount can be.
That discount system will apply to all the Wycliffe kids who are in the school, enabling their parents to continue to do their jobs, be it translation, literacy, manager or any of the other hundred jobs that people do in Nigeria.

So it may be indirect, but Ali working at the school will reduce the amount we need to raise before we can head out there.

08 Nov

Broad Beans

Apparently if you want to reach an audience with your blogs you need to stick to a theme.  I am no idea who reads this blog if anyone at all .. so it is a little random.

This post is a fine example of Ali going a great job at work.

A couple weeks ago just before our half term, there was a ruckus in the Biology staff room.   It had been deemed by the upper echelons of management that giving year 11 students (15/16 year olds) broad beans to grow was ‘too primary school’ and so they had stopped doing it.  One of the new teachers didnt’ knwo abotu this and had given his class the beans to grow.  Ali’s class had found out and were desperate to have some of thier own.  So in the course of ‘fairness’ not beliveing it would really take off, Ali issued the class with beans.  So also set up a forum on the schools Virtual Learning Environment.  Interestingly named Moodle.  1/4 of the class has gone on and posted an update or even a picture of their bean. Many intersting stories, this was by far my favourite.

She set up her bean as instructed, but it was taking a long time to open a d grow, so she thought she would help it along.   But a bit snapped off, so she found a couple rubber bands and fixed it back together, put it back in the glass and it continued to grow!!   jokes …

maybe broad beans will be back on the agenda next year!

08 Nov

Dan's school in the paper

Every now and again, I feel little stingy old scrouge.   Thre are SOO many good casues out there, and you can’t give money to them all.   Dan’s school had a harvest campaign … raisign soem money to Africa, send a few coppers .. it made the local paper ..

CHILDREN at two south Bucks schools put a twist on their traditional harvest festivals by raising money for charity and donating cash to a school.

I’m quite proud of his wee school, there are only like 45 pupils ..

the company is seeds for africa.

13 Oct

New Blog update

Well it has been a while since I posted, mostly becuase my allocated posting time has been spent redeveloping the blog.

Ali got back to school and soon as she started, she was off on a biology field trip.  Somewehre in north-ish Wales at a very well equipped, well run school research site.

Dan is still enjoying school, we aren’t too sure what he gets up to most days, he isn’t very keen to talk about it when he gets home.  The most we get is ” I had fruit at break time”   or ” we looked at shapes”  any more info is sparce!

I had had a somewhat sureal month.  Post Soul Survivor has been an intersting time.  My job has changed quite a bit.  I am no longer responsible fro 13 – 25’s, the 18+ group connect has been moved from under me.  The process was quite painful adn frustrating and led to near resignation, near depression.  Fortunately God is totally amazing and despite some bad processing some great thigns have come of it.   For starters, my need to recognise my focus has been too much on who I am in my job rather than who I am in Christ.   Explained why i got frustrated when my job changed without me knowing it was going to.  Good thing to be able to re-focus ones life aiming more at God!!

So that left me with half a job that I have spent a coupel years training someone else to do!   Not so great for my career path or motivation, give the above need for re-focussing.  so after a few hard conversations, I have picked up a coupel other interesting assignments.  As well as helping Steve run WYnet, I shall be heading a project team (that i first need to recruit) to re-design and launch the Wycliffe UK prayer strategy.    I’ve also been asked to help the Executive Director do some research and develop a strategy to recruit some new trustees who are under 40.

Quite exciting, quite scarey all at the same time.  Would appriciate any prayers you can offer!!

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