11 Oct

Knee Update

a bit like how I feel sometimes!

So I have been lame at blogging as intended, but to be honest, how much can I say about sitting on my bum for 4 weeks?
My knee IS progressing, the swelling is down, movement seems to be up, and I am able to put a bit of weight on it too. I hope to go out for a wee test drive in the next day or two, see how it copes, in the hope i can start to get out the house more often! The plight of not being able to carry anything is extremely annoying, but as one does, you develop ways to cope and survive.

Having all the time in the world, during the day, it seems remarkably difficult to get motivated to do things. I have been trying to write a newsletter fro 4 weeks now. I mean come on that is stupid. It has been checked by two people, and now I basically need to re-write it. 🙁 BUT when it gets written, it will be the basis for our support raising for Nigeria. So I guess it is pretty important to get it right.

I did read 1 book. An excellent book too. but I’ll write about that in a separate post, I mean I’ve waited three weeks, another couple days wont matter!

10 Sep

Knee Surgery Update.

My sexy stockings, issued pre-surgery

All went very well!?  I headed in and was in the admission section at 0720, the got me straight into prep, filling in the forms, signing the papers, getting changed.  Stockings were given to me for free 🙂   Walked myself to the anaesthetic room, next thing i know i am half awake being told how to click the morphine button.    I was REALLY out of it for the rest of the day, Ali popped in after school and took great delight in seeing me and a not very with it state.   Niffer and Kat who worked on the tour with me in May and June also popped in, it was great to see some young people on the ward! I wasn’t allowed out of the bed all day on Wednesday, thankfully managed to pee before they were concerned about me, maybe just the mention of catheter was enough Having said that peeing in a bottle is NOT easy when lying in a bed!  On a drip mean needed to pee in the middle of the nigh (that might be normal for some of you!)t, and people sticking needles in and checking blood pressure that and the snoring gent across the ward did mean not a whole lot of sleep, on the  up side, being stone awake at 3 in the morning, and having Skype on my Iphone, did mean a long overdue catch up with Alex in Alaska WIN!

Thursday was much better, very little after effects of being under the knife.  Trying to wash, have a bed changed is all a lot  more complex that I would have imagined, but thankfully at about 1030, the physiotherapist (or physioterrorist as they are sometimes known) turned up to get me out of the bed!  We tried a frame for a few steps them moved onto crutches.  1130 they came back and took me to the stairs and showed me how to get up and down.  They seemed very happy with it all and were prepared to let me go home!   I wasn’t sure i wanted to go home, all a bit nervous about that.  Lunch i had curry and a steam pudding with custard, got to admin, wasn’t’ looking forward to the food too much, but surprisingly tasty it was!  I had a wee nap to be woken by my pastor Geoff popping in for a visit.  I was a bit consumed it wasn’t visiting hours yet, but apparently as a minister of Religion, he isn’t’ restricted to those times 🙂  I braved a little walk after Geoff had gone, and felt a whole lot more confident about surviving at home.  My big concern about home, is that our toilet it up stairs, would staying in for another day to rest up before having to go up and down so much be a good idea, to be honest, when I thought about trying another night like that again, I was pretty happy about tackling the stairs!

Knee this morngin, only got 5 little dressings. But is swollen the size of a balloon!

I was in the hospital less than 36 hours, which seems crazy, but I have fairly basic meds, exercises to do and a rather fancy ice pack to use on my knee.

Please do keep praying for a quick recovery.  I am not allowed to put any weight on the leg for 3 weeks, and it could be as long as 6 weeks before I can drive again.  If only I had an automatic, it could be as quick as 3!

07 Apr

Easter Update

Easter is a fantastic time to remind us of all that God has done for us. In case we forget that Jesus died on the cross, he also rose again, defeating death, sin, Satan, sickness and an abundance of other things. It is in THAT victory, in THAT freedom that we now live.
We’ve had an interesting few months, underlined by a fresh vision and desire to serve God overseas. Having come back from Nigeria, Tim was really stuck by the all the things that God is doing out there both through the ministry of Wycliffe colleagues and many other ministries too. (THIS BLOG POST) was a bit of a review of that trip. This renewed vision has given us cause to begin gingerly investigating if we might be called to go and serve in Nigeria for a spell. We are just at the start of the process of investigating and we are conscious of a few things.

1 – God’s leading (we need to be sure that we are totally open to God’s guidance in every step)
2 – Ali’s healthcare provision (we need to make sure that Ali can get a source for her daily medication and for the blood tests she needs on a fairly regular basis)
3 – Tim’s current health (read about knee & read about depression)
1 – Job roles (what would be the best use of our skills in Nigeria?)
2 – Finance (we are still quite short on donors)
3 – Dan’s schooling (does it make more sense for him to be home schooled or to go to the mission school in Jos?)
4 – Timing (when should we be looking at going and for how long?)
Prayer for all of those things would be much appreciated, as always if you feel God is saying anything to you for us, please do pass it on!

Tim continues to coordinate the From Eden to eternity tour www.eden2eternity.org . We are heading to 27 locations all over the country, there is quite possibly one close to where you are (if you live in the UK!)! On the 6th of April, we embarked on quite a complex publicity campaign, trying to do the correct bits of publicity the correct amount of time before any given performance. The tour runs in May and June, and then when July hits, Tim will be joining the WYnet team heading out to Togo.
Although Tim moved out of the WYnet job 12 months ago, there were some areas that could not be handed over as Tim’s successor Steve couldn’t get the training or did not have the necessary experience. Leading teams of young people on short term overseas trips was the main area where this was the case. So Tim’s involvement in the trip in July is really about getting Steve up to speed so he can lead teams in the future. Tim is extremely pleased to have the opportunity to go again, he is also pleased to be able to hand over the relationship with the project and get some closure.
The knee saga continues, having seen the surgeon, or at least his registrar, Tim has put in to try and have the ACL replacement surgery in August. Until the letter arrives, we have no idea what dates will be offered, but in the mean time, Tim continues doing physiotherapy to build strength which should aid the recovery process. We will let you know as soon as we receive the date.

Ali is pleased to have finished term, it doesn’t seem that long ago that it was half term but there are only a few teaching weeks after Easter, then exams kick in and Ali’s teaching schedule is dramatically reduced. There is talk of some extra hours from September as there are a couple staff members leaving the department. Ali has said she would be a happy to teach 8 days over two weeks. It doesn’t seem like much but that is a great testament of how well her health and energy levels are doing. Ali has been quite excited and energised by the discussion of a spell in Nigeria, if you don’t know, Ali spent the first 13 years of her life in Ghana and generally considers West Africa as one of her Homes.
We have done some initial investigating into how to get the medicine she takes daily if we head out to Nigeria. It seems that we can easily get hold of them, but at what cost? The solution could be anything from buying them in bulk from the USA to trying to source them in country. Any wisdom or experience welcome! Fortunately her consultant does most of his communicating with Ali via email, and has confirmed he would be happy to continue doing so, if we can get the blood tests done locally. On that theme, it turns out that there is a local hospital that can provide these tests!

Dan is in Year 1 at school, he still enjoys it for which we are hugely thankful! He says his favourite part is doing maths work because it is easy, he also enjoys reading, and is progressing very quickly which is fantastic! He has one term left with the wonderful Mrs Knapman, and then in September he moves class rooms and will be taught by Mrs Anderson, who we know very well (she used to be involved with WYnet when Tim was responsible for it and is also married to Tim’s current line manager!). Mrs Anderson is well practiced teaching Wycliffe Kids that she knows, we are also thankful for her expertise with wriggly little boys!
We’re trying to involved Dan in the discussions about Nigeria, we do find that as it is all in such vague terms at the moment he doesn’t quite grasp what it all means. Please do pray for wisdom as we look at what the move will mean for Dan, not only schooling, but change of environment, new friends and probably a whole lot more!

Well this has been a bit of a mammoth update, we’ve enjoyed a wonderful Easter weekend, meeting up with lots of people, yet managing to complete a good number of jobs around the house too! Thank you all for your prayers and support, and HAPPY EASTER!

Tim & Ali & Dan.

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