16 Feb

New house, new door, new…

So we finnsly bought a house, I know goes against the flow on the midst of the ‘recession’ but as first time buyers houses are cheap(er) somehow we managed to get a mortgage! Those who have been following our activities will realist we have been banging on about this for over 15 months. Sorry!

Facebook has loads of pictures on, so feel free to check them out. Or drop me an email I’ll send you some!

I have entered the wonderful world of diy the guys in thane timber offered me a cuppa after I had been in there three days in a row! I have made shelves, fixed doors, fixed a toilet, hung a tv, made table and chairs, fixed up a desk for Ali, fixed computer screens to a wall, purchased a new back door and got quotes for a new garage roof. Not cheap this moving house lark!

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