31 Aug

The day i got a Mango worm – by Dan (and Daddy)

Worm in Dans backI am not sure how I got my Mango worm.  They like to lay their eggs in damp cloths and if you aren’t carful and then wear them, they get into your skin! (READ MORE HERE)

We found it on Sunday August 25 2013 on my back but at first we weren’t sure what it was.  Mummy thought maybe it was a boil, daddy started to look at pictures on the Internet.  

As it grew, is was quite painful since it was getting bigger and bigger and the area on my back was getting red.  We tried to pop a dob of Vaseline on it to see if the worm would stick his head out, but nothing happened.

The suckign coke bottle trick

On Monday Daddy stuck a warm coke bottle around the worm then cooled it down in the hope that it would create suction and suck the worm out.   Unfortunately it didn’t work. 

The area was sore and itchy and I can’t tell you how, but I managed to scratch the area.  Mummy thought that the worm was trying to escape, but we weren’t sure and so stuck a plaster over the area to stop it from getting infected.


Worm sticking outThis was exciting!  Although I couldn’t see it, Mummy was checking out the area to see if I needed a new plaster.  She saw a little thing sticking out the side of the plaster!  She took the plaster off and there it was, the worm had started to crawl out of my back!  Daddy took a picture so I could see.

We tried the coke bottle trick again; mummy said it was interesting to watch the worm go from lying down to sticking straight up out of my back.  However, the suction wasn’t good enough to get the worm out L Mummy had a quick try with some tweezers but couldn’t’ get a good enough grip to get him out.  Next daddy tried to squeeze it out like other people do, it REALLY hurt and I roared like a lion, but the worm didn’t come out L.  Daddy dried the area and the worm and the tweezers with a bit of kitchen towel and then he tried with the tweezers and got the worm out! 

Mummy and I had a good time looking at the worm though a mini microscope.  It turns out that there was a little black thing on the end of the worm but I couldn’t tell what it was.  When mummy looked she told me it looked like a hook that maybe the worm uses to get under my skin! We also saw something that looked like eyes!



11 Oct

Knee Update

a bit like how I feel sometimes!

So I have been lame at blogging as intended, but to be honest, how much can I say about sitting on my bum for 4 weeks?
My knee IS progressing, the swelling is down, movement seems to be up, and I am able to put a bit of weight on it too. I hope to go out for a wee test drive in the next day or two, see how it copes, in the hope i can start to get out the house more often! The plight of not being able to carry anything is extremely annoying, but as one does, you develop ways to cope and survive.

Having all the time in the world, during the day, it seems remarkably difficult to get motivated to do things. I have been trying to write a newsletter fro 4 weeks now. I mean come on that is stupid. It has been checked by two people, and now I basically need to re-write it. 🙁 BUT when it gets written, it will be the basis for our support raising for Nigeria. So I guess it is pretty important to get it right.

I did read 1 book. An excellent book too. but I’ll write about that in a separate post, I mean I’ve waited three weeks, another couple days wont matter!

10 Sep

Knee Surgery Update.

My sexy stockings, issued pre-surgery

All went very well!?  I headed in and was in the admission section at 0720, the got me straight into prep, filling in the forms, signing the papers, getting changed.  Stockings were given to me for free 🙂   Walked myself to the anaesthetic room, next thing i know i am half awake being told how to click the morphine button.    I was REALLY out of it for the rest of the day, Ali popped in after school and took great delight in seeing me and a not very with it state.   Niffer and Kat who worked on the tour with me in May and June also popped in, it was great to see some young people on the ward! I wasn’t allowed out of the bed all day on Wednesday, thankfully managed to pee before they were concerned about me, maybe just the mention of catheter was enough Having said that peeing in a bottle is NOT easy when lying in a bed!  On a drip mean needed to pee in the middle of the nigh (that might be normal for some of you!)t, and people sticking needles in and checking blood pressure that and the snoring gent across the ward did mean not a whole lot of sleep, on the  up side, being stone awake at 3 in the morning, and having Skype on my Iphone, did mean a long overdue catch up with Alex in Alaska WIN!

Thursday was much better, very little after effects of being under the knife.  Trying to wash, have a bed changed is all a lot  more complex that I would have imagined, but thankfully at about 1030, the physiotherapist (or physioterrorist as they are sometimes known) turned up to get me out of the bed!  We tried a frame for a few steps them moved onto crutches.  1130 they came back and took me to the stairs and showed me how to get up and down.  They seemed very happy with it all and were prepared to let me go home!   I wasn’t sure i wanted to go home, all a bit nervous about that.  Lunch i had curry and a steam pudding with custard, got to admin, wasn’t’ looking forward to the food too much, but surprisingly tasty it was!  I had a wee nap to be woken by my pastor Geoff popping in for a visit.  I was a bit consumed it wasn’t visiting hours yet, but apparently as a minister of Religion, he isn’t’ restricted to those times 🙂  I braved a little walk after Geoff had gone, and felt a whole lot more confident about surviving at home.  My big concern about home, is that our toilet it up stairs, would staying in for another day to rest up before having to go up and down so much be a good idea, to be honest, when I thought about trying another night like that again, I was pretty happy about tackling the stairs!

Knee this morngin, only got 5 little dressings. But is swollen the size of a balloon!

I was in the hospital less than 36 hours, which seems crazy, but I have fairly basic meds, exercises to do and a rather fancy ice pack to use on my knee.

Please do keep praying for a quick recovery.  I am not allowed to put any weight on the leg for 3 weeks, and it could be as long as 6 weeks before I can drive again.  If only I had an automatic, it could be as quick as 3!

07 Sep

Knee surgery (FINALLY!)

Hello one and all, sorry for the short notice, but things have been a bit busy, although I can’t always recall what has taken up the time! 

TOMORROW, Wednesday 8th September 2010, I shall be heading into Wycombe General Hospital to have surgery on my knee, for details about that scroll to the bottom of the email.  I will be on ward 12b, and visiting hours are 3pm – 8pm.  Please do come and visit, my surgery is first on the list at 0830 I should be coherent again by the afternoon.  I also found out I am allowed to take my phone but that I should keep it on silent.  So feel free to text or call me, but don’t be offended if I don’t pick up or answer straight away, I might be sleeping or trying to walk! They say I should be in 3 – 5 days, but I might get out after 2, so worth calling me or Ali or the hospital to check I am still there before making an outing, it is also a pay and display car park, so bring coins.  

Please pray for :
— Wisdom and expertise from the Doctors and nurses.
— Quick recovery for me in the hospital and especially at home after. 
— For Ali and Dan having to deal with disrupted routine and general extra energy required to do all the normal jobs and look after me! 

Thank you so much for your prayers and support and people who are keeping an eye on Dan at various stages of the days over the weeks to come, we are so blessed by you all !

If you are wondering how I did the injury in the first place …   http://ccgi.robinsonta.plus.com/archives/496

SKIP this bit if you don’t want the details of the surgery!
The plan is first to clean out the cartilage (meniscus) that is floating around in my knee.
Then clean out the bits of Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL)  left over from the original.
Then I quote ‘harvest a hamstring’ and fix in where the ACL should be.

Should be all done Key Hole, and should take about 90 minutes.

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