26 Apr

new oppertunities

So Ali and i finally met some of our neighbours! Sad isn’t it, our lives are so busy, and being introverts we have lived in our house for 20 months and we only met 3 out of our 13 sort of neighbours. We were out finally doing some gardening, Dan was out playing on his push car thing and he ran up the road to make some new friends. Next thing, parent number 1(whose name we haven’t as yet gotten out of her) popped round to check ti was okay for Dan to join the rest of the kids in their garden. COOL! 4 minutes later Dan re-appeared with a new Friend also called Dan, about the same age, and ran into our garden. Parent 1 quickly appears checking if we have both Dans. Awesome. The boys run off again and then Tracey who is the other Dan’s mum appears and we chat. Ahh i love the summer sun. (Dan runs back to get his swim trunks. sprinkler in use!) Sooo maybe in the next few months we will be able to chat some more to these folks and get to know them some more!

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