20 Apr

April 2011 Email Update



Happy Easter 2011

We hope you are having a wonderful celebration time, we ahve taken the chance in the school holidays to do a bunch of jobs in the house that need doing!
Sometimes we are asked if we do actually ‘Bible Translation’, the answer is well, no but we do help facilitate it! For every Bible Translator around the world there is 8 / 9 other people working in a whole variety of other roles.

Tim has spent the past 12 months organising the From Eden to Eternity tour in partnership with Saltmine Theatre Company.  The show was written by Richard Hasnip who is responsible for the creative arts track at Regents College, he also came to help on the RE day at Risborough school.    We have toured twice covering over 6000 miles and a total of 46 venues in Ireland, N.Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales!    What has that got to do with Bible Translation I hear you ask!  Everything.  The show told the story of the Bible from Creation to Revelation, with a presentation about the work of Wycliffe throughout the evening.  8000 people saw the show and most of them hadn’t had much exposure to Wycliffe before and we also raised around £30,000 to fund 4 bible translation projects in Nigeria for eh next 2 years.

In Sept 2010 Ali agreed to take on another day a week teaching at Wycombe High School, resulting in 4 days 1 week and 3 the next. It has been great for Ali to have the opportunity to extend her hours and it has been helpful to get a better idea of her capacity, unfortunately we think she may have reached capacity, when she was sign off work at the end of January.  The doctors have never given a fully satisfactory answer as to what caused it, but we think, Ali was probably more tired that we realised and pick up a virus she couldn’t shake off.  She is going to begin a gradual return after the Easter holidays.  What has that got to do with Bible Translation I hear you ask!  We are in the process of planning to move out to Nigeria, and teachers are the number 1 need in the whole of the mission world.  If there aren’t enough teachers in the school, missionaries have to home school their kids and so they aren’t able to fulfil the call on their lives and progress in every type of project with Wycliffe or with other organisations slows down or even halts.  Ali will not only be serving the Wycliffe community but also other ex-pat and national workers for God.

Dan continues to enjoy school.  We had a great parent-teacher conference a few weeks ago, confirming that Dan is doing well academically, especially in maths and reading.  This should stand him in good stead as he moves to a new school in Nigeria!  Dan has been going to a holiday club called “Showstoppers” this week at Long Crendon Baptist Church. They had a talent show last night at which Dan recited “Now we are Six” by A A Milne – he had a great time and was given a “Best Newcomer” certificate.



Pray for peace and wisdom in this time of many transitions on all the various roles he plays.




Pray for complete Healing and wisdom to balance all the various needs of work, family and future.




Pray that he will continue to enjoy all that he is involved in, and that the excitement of moving to Nigeria will never cease!




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04 Apr

Tour over for another year

On the way out of Stormont

As I sit working on the REAL exciting stuff of budgets and invoices, I realise that I am blessed to have a brain that isn’t’ scared of numbers.  In fact I am a little bit excited by them, or more by the significance of them.

I’m 30.  That is the same age as Jesus started his ministry.
There are 7000 languages in the world, to some that is just a number, but when I only speak 1 of them badly, that number is huge!    When over 2000 of them don’t have a single word of scripture, the % is WAY too high!

The tour is over.  My life is a little more normal for a few months, yet I am amazed by what just happened in March.   Here are some numbers!

Number of venues: 18
Total attendance:  3800
Response cards to stay in touch: 287
People who want to be a Wycliffe Voice in their church: 40
Bible fresh Manuals distributed: 125
Miles travelled: 2700 = 2 d 6h 32m on the road.

Now to a lot of you those are simply numbers.  But we were aiming for 15 venues when we started out 9 months ago.  3800 people is about 1000 MORE that we hoped for.  2700 is about the same as going to Morocco and back or this side of Canada, quite some distance travelled!

All the fun of touring and the satisfaction of a job well done can’t really take away the need for so many people all over the world to find out about Jesus.  My prayer is that the impact of this tour goes beyond the statistics on the page, but has some Kingdom impact.


14 Mar

From Eden to Eternity – the First Leg


the final bow

I am continually amazed by the privilege I have to be involved in some of the projects I have found myself involved in. From Eden to Eternity 2011 is no exception. From the very start 9 months ago when the decision was taken to run the tour this year I have been completely blessed by the things God has done. For starters, Jenny, who has worked with me on the 2010 tour has to be honest, pretty much run this tour. It would not have survived if she wasn’t so on the ball! Next- Saltmine, the team on the road are awesome, no doubt about it. Finally the opportunities the tour has present already have been simply amazing. SOO many firsts for me.

• Travel to Northern Ireland and also Dublin both for the first time
• A cheeky tourist visit to giant’s causeway (and a distillery)
• Not only visit Stormont but be involved in a performance with the 1st minister in attendance
• Directed a live DVD recording
• Ulster fry for breakfast

Maybe not a big deal to most of you, but it is cool to experience a few firsts as part of one’s job.

So after 9 shows – half the tour, over 2200 people have seen the show and heard about God’s work all over the world. Brilliant!

11 Mar

From Eden to Eternity update

Wow what a start to the tour!

Dublin – 160 people + 46 responses, 2  who wish to be a Wycliffe Voice.  Also a standing ovation, which was extremely special.

Ballymena – 450 people – who gave £1200 for Bible Translation in Burkina Faso topped up another £2000 by the church!

Stormont – a very restricted set up in the great hall of the assembly building paved way to 100 people including the First Minister the right honourable Peter Robinson.

Portadown –  260 enthusiastic young people and about 20 other adults all crammed into a hall and became bar far the most responsive and interactive audience we had so far.

Belfast – 450 people

Ballynahinch – 200 people.

Glasgow – 60 people


Here are some pictures


WOW what a start to the tour and what answers to prayers.  God’s word going forth to people and not returning empty.  Wonderful.


A few things to pray for:

–         Team for energy as they continue on the tour.  Tonight in Edinburgh and tomorrow in Cupar near Fife.

–         Mim who is one of the actresses has an ongoing stress related heart condition.  It can provoke heart palpitations, and leave her feeling exhausted.  Pray that this issues doesn’t’ crop up, but if it does, pray that Mim and Jon (husband and show director) will have wisdom in dealing with it.

–         Sam who is our Technician on tour has been outstanding.  Never an easy job on a tour like this, but there has been some unforeseen problems with a few bits of kit, pray for Sam not only as he problem solves but that God will continue to bless with him all that need needs to continue doing an awesome job.

–         As the team continue tours, Jenny and I continue working with the next week’s venues getting the last bits of detail in place.


Thanks so much for you emails of encouragement and your prayers 🙂


Tim and the team.


28 Oct

Biblefresh Launch event

2011 is the 400th Anniversary of the King James Bible and a whole heap of groups/churches/agencies are getting together and taking the opportunity to promote the Bible within the UK.  Read more about it on the Biblefresh website.

Wycliffe is part of the group driving it and there is a wondering launch event planned for mid-November.

We warmly invite you to the launch event.  In addition to Daniel’s address, there will be a time of sung worship led by Jaques Sankara, a dynamic and enthusiastic worship leader from Burkina Faso.  Read more about the event on the Wycliffe Blog.

Speaker: Daniel Bourdanne – General Secretary of IFES (International Fellowship of Evangelical Students)
Where: St Paul’s Church, Robert Adam Street, London, W1U 3HW.
When: Tuesday, 16th November, 2010.
Time: 11:00am – 12:30pm
Registration Free: www.surveymonkey.com/s/biblefreshevent
Questions: contact us – the Wycliffe Office are dealing with enquiries

I’m hoping to be at the launch, and espcially excited as Biblefresh is a big advotate of the From Eden to Eternity tour that I am helping put together for March 2011.

26 Oct

Autumn Newsletter

FINALLY I have completed and edited out latest newsletter!

You can find it by clicking on the newsletter page at the top.

or by clicking this link to our newsletter page

12 Jun

From Eden to …. about Luke so far

The past 12 months I have been working on a project called ‘From Eden to Eternity’ go check out www.eden2eternity.org

Jesus being Baptised

Jesus being Baptised

The Tour kicked off the second week of May and is now, after a small break, into it’s 4th week of touring. It is a bit mental. That in 3 weeks time 12 months of my long hard work will be comgin to it’s conclusion. But to reflect on process so far, is an oppertunity to PRAISE God for his fiathfulness, for all the stuff he has done to help the project, for changing me and challanging Christians all over the nation!

Full House in a packed St Nick's Durham

Full House in a packed St Nick's Durham

At the time I write, we have done 16/27 shows over 2100 people have come to see the show and we have raised around £12,000 for Bible transation in 4 Lanuages in Nigeria! What a fantastic job I have right now! Loads of people being impacted by God’s word in the UK, 250,000 people who will have funding to get God’s word in THIER language. Simply AWESOME!

God casting Satan out

God casting Satan out

23 May

From Eden to Eternity week 2

Fe2e in Cambridge
I can’t really believe that after 11 months of planning and organising, that the 2nd week of the tour is over already! Well over 1000 people have been to see the show!!! If you haven’t, you really should!!

# 25th May – Durham – St Nicholas Church
# 27th May – Sunderland – Sunderland Minster
* 8th June – Shrewsbury – Trinity Churches, Holy Trinity Meole Brace
* 9th June – Thame – St Mary’s Church
* 10th June – Fleet – Church on the Heath
* 11th June – Brentwood – Peniel Church
* 12th June – Leeds – City Evangelical Church
* 15th June – Coventry – Elim Pentecostal Church
* 16th June – Woking – Christ Church
* 17th June – Ruislip – Ruislip Baptist Church
* 18th June – Brighton/Hove – Holland Road Baptist Church
* 19th June – Crawley – Crawley Baptist Church
* 21st June – Chelmsford – Central Baptist Church
* 22nd June – Chertsey – St Peters Church
* 23rd June – Portsmouth – Oasis Church, The Venue
* 24th June – Salisbury – St Pauls Church
* 25th June – Swindon – Freshbrook Evangelical Church

From Eden to Eternity Video

I am sooo privileged to work with an AMAZING team on this project, not only the actors, but a whole bunch of other people behind the scenes! Between us, we are having an impact on 4 Languages of Nigeria who WILL be getting more funding to enable Bible Translation as a result of the tour. For those 250,000 Koro people, every verse of Scripture is precious.

19 May

From Eden to Eternity update

As I sit and write, we have just finished the first show of the second week, or show 6 if you prefer. Every show is different. Each venue has its unique quirks and each audience its own reaction. But one thing is true of EVERY night, God is at work, revealing himself to us thought his word – all bit it in a slightly unusual form!

Over 700 people have seen the show and been inspired by God’s word, and also God’s work in Nigeria, and between them they have sponsored nearly 400 verse of translation for the 4 languages in the Koro cluster, Nigeria. [click here to go to Koro info page]

Emma D said “I thought that the From Eden to Eternity production was brilliant. Thank you Saltmine and Wycliffe for a wonderful evening.”

There are still 20 venues left to visit, maybe we are coming to one near you. Check out www.eden2eternity.org to find one near you!

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