27 Jun

Togo Update 2

Well we made it! Everyone and all their bags arrived and made it though the airport! We were delayed 2 hours sat on the tarmac in Paris, they
were having problems with the bag scanning machines, so it was taking FOREVER for people to get through the system and onto the various
planes, air france decided to hold all the flights until the passengers were on. 🙁 But apart from that, the flight was good.
Richie had never flown before and apart from sore ears whilst landing enjoyed himself!

Togo is currently 1 hour behind the UK time zone, and we had a MASSIVE thunderstorm last night, nothing like English storms , far louder,
rain was far heavier, but the plus side is that it brings the temperature down a bit so it will only be 30oC today! As they say it won’t be the heat that kills you, it will be the humidity!

Keep praying for the team as we spend time adjusting to the climate out here and visit various people today, and travel tomorrow.

The picture is a quick snap of the guest house where we are staying in Lome.

26 Jun

Tim and the Togo team get set

Bit of a delay in gettin it on here but here is the first update from Tim and the Togo team . . .

So the team has been together for a whole 30 hours now and we are now
at a hotel right near Heathrow so we can check in at 0530 Thursday
morning. Orientation has gone very well, and we can’t wait to get
out there to see African life in full swing.

*Pray for safe travels to Lome (Capitol of Togo).
*Pray for the 1 visa we need to get in the airport!

We land in Lome Thursday 1735, and Samuel who is our contact on the
translation team will be meeting us at the airport and we will head
out to the SIL guest house. SIL is Wycliffe’s partner organisation in
Togo and many other places around the world.

Friday we’ll be doing some cultural orientation and aclimatisation,
we’ll be visiting a couple of other partner’s offices and generally
absorbing the African atmosphere! Tim will be off getting money
changed and buying supplies.

*Pray for safety in the supply buying and money changing.

Saturday we will head up to Bassar in a minibus stopping to visit a UK
short-termer who is making dictionaries. She also happens to live
next door to a lady who sells cloth so we will have our first cloth
buying experience.

*Pray for safe travels on the roads

Then we settle down in Bassar for the majority of our stay! I hope
to pop a quick message out to let you know we have arrived okay.

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