04 Feb

Pray for Nigeria during the election period.

On the 14th of February 2015 Nigeria will go to the polls to elect a President, a national House of Assembly and a national House of Representatives. On the 28th February they go back to the polls and elect all the State Governors. You may have already noticed in the news that tensions are high and trouble is possible. Pray with us as we enter this period of elections!

IMG_9853Abuja – Nigerian capital and centre of governance –
Pray that God would break all strongholds of self, greed and pride in this city so that God’s Kingdom would reign through effective governance. Declare God’s Names in prayer – Yahweh Tsidkenu (The LORD Our Righteousness), El Elyon (Most High God), God of Justice and Judge of the Earth. Raise up the cross of Christ, which puts to shame every principality and power setting itself up against a knowledge of God – and sets an example of mercy and forgiveness and the true way to our Father. Trust God for righteous leadership to be raised up as God raised up Biblical characters like Esther, Nehemiah and Daniel.

Justice + Righteousness in the Election System + Processes
Pray for the INEC (Independent National Electoral Commission) for effective fulfilment of their duties in this election season. Pray for an equal opportunity for all to vote and for the uprooting of unrighteous practices in the electoral process. “When justice is done it is a joy to the righteous but terror to evildoers” (Prov. 21:15).

IMG_9927A Right Understanding of Government –
Pray for the Church to have a right understanding of the government’s role and to be faithful in her prayer labors over the government as is commanded (I Tim. 2:1-4). Pray that critical and judgmental spirits would give way to the Spirit of intercession. Pray that the Gospel of Jesus and His mighty Presence would sweep across governmental buildings in this region tearing down every high place setting itself up against knowledge of God.

Strategic Governmental Partnerships to further God’s Purpose –
The history of the modern day Bible translation movement is filled with stories of how God worked in governments in the nations of the earth to fulfill His purpose for the peoples under the authority of those governments. Trust God with us for fresh strategic relationships to be born in this season.

Security Forces-
Pray for justice and righteousness to be established in this area of governmental service and that God would strengthen the hearts and hands of the righteous. Pray for open eyes and wisdom as they execute their duties. Pray also for a greater release of timely angelic help over this region during this election season (Psalm 91).

IMG_9963Election Days!
Stand with us against every evil plan and scheme to promote and spread violence during these election days. Pray that God would honor the faithful fasting + prayers of His watchmen so that massive peace would be enjoyed throughout the land + God’s Name will be honored. Pray for God’s perfect will to be done as people go to vote from the 36 states of the Federation -Abia, Adamawa, Akwa Ibom, Anambra, Bauchi, Bayelsa, Benue, Borno, Cross River, Delta, Ebonyi, Edo, Ekiti, Enugu, Gombe, Imo, Jigawa, Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Kebbi, Kogi, Kwara, Lagos, Nasarawa, Niger, Ogun, Ondo, Osun, Oyo, Plateau, Rivers, Sokoto, Taraba, Yobe, Zamfara.

CREDIT: Thanks to Alisha Carr our prayer coordinator for sharing the original material.

07 Nov

USA Elections

To be honest, I don’t care.  I didn’t get a vote.  I got bombarded with media fro 3 months, but I didn’t get a vote.  I foolishly got curious about the process and stayed up WAY too late to see what was going on, more disturbingly I could choose form 4/5 channels that were all covering it!

I have struggled along the way, not leaning to one candidate or another, mostly because I didn’t have to!   But you hear things, and read things about both sides, and then you hear people in the church running around saying stuff about both candidates, and the little helpers.  If you took it all in, you could believe that both were born again Christians, or neither of them.  1 was a Muslim, the other black, either could be pro or against abortion, gay marriage, etc.   1 person even commented about needed to read up about their faith, before deciding.  I was thinking maybe you need to actually talk to the person before deciding if he is a Christian or not!     Very few people have written up about it, without making obvious their opinion, and stood up and said actually enough is enough.    Then I came across Mark’s post …

Around the dinner table last week I asked my kids who they were going to vote for. My son replied “Obama” and my daughter, “John McCain”.

I asked my daughter, “Why?”. She said because that is who we (Jade and I) were voting for. Dax commented back “No they aren’t, they are voting for Obama.”

I smiled. Neither of my kids had picked up on who I was voting for. I liked this. It made me feel “fair and balanced”.

read the rest .. .

BIG hat tip to Mark Matlock — he happens to sit on the board for Wycliffe USA, he runs and organisation called Planet Wisdom, I’ve hung out with him, he is wise and a cool magician too!

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