08 Dec


I have been a twitter user for a long while, I wasn’t among the early adopters, I didn’t see the point.  Once I understood how easy it was to integrate it into various other social media sites like Facebook and blog, I was converted pretty quick!

This December an amazingly creative team have decided to tell the whole of the Christmas story using twitter.  So the story is told through the eyes of the characters you establish what is going on based on the ‘conversation’ as it unfolds on twitter.

I’ve set up a page on my site here if you aren’t on twitter, but would like to follow it.  http://www.robinsonta.org/natwivity/

09 Jan


Well it has been and gone hasn’t it. Ours was nice, not too exciting, nearly a disaster. Dan had a bout of chicken pox just as school was ending, which could have stopped our plans. Ali’s nana is 92, and susceptible to infections, chicken pox, would not have been so helpful to have running around in the house! We managed to make it to church on Christmas morning, well we kind of had too I was leading the music, which also meant an 0830 start 🙁 No presents opened, did manage a spot of scrambled Eggs on toast with smoked salmon. A good effort.
Post church we headed off to Ali’s parents for a lovely lunch and afternoon of presence games, and washing up! If I could work out how to get the pictures off my iPhone I would include some here. Until them you’ll have to either check my Facebook or imagine!
Boxing day we headed to the sales, I know what heathens are we, but the with new house imminent it seemed we might be able to get some essentials, like a cooker! For a bargain. Needless to say we didn’t actually by anything until their week, just as the fax was arriving stopping the sale prices .. phew! But that was sofas, not a cooker 🙁 Post sales we headed down to Tim’s aunt and uncle in Horley, great time had laughing playing eating drinking, laughing some more then sleeping.
Monday had me headed of for WYnet’s passion conference. I was cooking in a flipping freezing kitchen, seriously no-one should be chopping veg at 3 in the afternoon, and be able to see their breath .. especially not IN side a kitchen .. it was every kind of wrong!

Any way, I came home fairly exhausted to say the least, but I do love working with young people!

12 Dec

NO CAROL SINGING. no, seriously

Just read this post by our local Rev.  It makes me really sad that everyone is happy to celebrate Christmas and spend literally BILLIONS of pounds in the midst of a economic crisis, whist forgetting how ti all came about.

It is being reported in the news that the choir of Arthur Bugler County Junior School were told that their pupils must not sing Christmas carols at Corringham Winter Festival because they did not “dovetail” with its theme.

Read more.

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