26 Jun

Dan’s Book Report – The Magician’s Nephew.

This is the first book chronologically in the Narnia series written by C.S Lewis. I think it was actually the 6th one that he wrote. It is about two children, Diggory and Polly, who witness the creation of a new world and accidentally release an ancient evil into it so they then must protect the world. The world that was created is Narnia, Aslan created it and it is my favourite part of the book. On the other hand, I really dislike the part where Diggory hurts Polly in Charn because I don’t like it when people argue.

It is a classic fantasy book suitable for people aged 7 -15.

I would give the book 8.5/10 because although it is a good book and overall I enjoyed reading it, there are a few things I don’t like.

If you would like to read it – you can find it on amazon. The Magician’s Nephew (The Chronicles of Narnia, Book 1)

Book read and report written by Dan R
If you would like a report written on a specific book, please get in touch.

30 Dec

Making the Bible Meaningful, Accessible, Practical

I’ve had the privilege of knowing Nick Page for a good number of years, in My WYnet days he came and spoke at a couple of events we ran in partnership with Opendoors youth team.  (underground was what they were called at the time).  During one of those events Nick was testing some new materials with us, the whole idea of the Bible being a map that you can journey though.  He was testing for a new book he was working.

The Map: Making the Bible Meaningful, Accessible, Practical

I had never seen said book UNTIL NOW!

I finally got a copy this christmas, and it is everything I expected from Nick and MORE!

It starts with GREAT info about how to get the most out of the bible.
Each book starts with Who, What, When. There is a quick guide, a kind of snapshot of the book. A graphical overview rough though the book.
There are also, Landmarks, Puzzle point, brief lives talking about major characters, details, postcards, maps and fantastic cross references, where more than 1 book refers to any given story.

Deep theological thinkers won’t want it, but anyone else who is curious about how the Bible fits together, or wants a bit more info about what ever they are reading, or especially anyone who is opening the Bible for the first time, this is simply the best Bible handbook I have opened!   I shall enjoy exploring it more 🙂

ALSO a great resource if you or your church are involved at all with BibleFresh.

13 Oct

Lucky man – Michael J Fox

Michael J Fox - a GREAT read!

Ever since I watched the first of the Back to the future trilogy over and over again as an 8 year old in PNG, Michael J Fox was one of my heroes.  I mean any high school aged guy who can time travel was SOO COOL!   Not sure who he is? Check out his profile on IMDB – the internet movie database.

I was in a book store, (yup pretty bored) with unused book vouchers in hand, thinking I would be stuck in hospital fro 5 days.   I saw Fox’s book ‘Lucky Man – a Memoir’ and decided it was a must read!

Michaels struggle to find work in his beloved field of acting, the struggle to move from his Canadian home, the story behind how he got that back to the future job is also intriguing! More than finding out about the man’s working life how ever, is the how he has dealt with the debilitating Parkinson’s disease.    The process of diagnosis, and denial, and how it effected him, his work, his own family, his wider family, and incredible honest insight.    It reminded me a lot of our family having to deal with Ali and her Cancer diagnosis.   It also made me wonder about how I take for granted the fact that I have God in my life.  What scares me more, is i wonder how much difference does it really make.   If i was writing this book, how different would it really look?  An unexpected challenge while reading an autobiography.

This book is a great read if you are a fan of Fox or if you are interested in Parkinson’s disease.

26 Nov

My mum is a published Author!!!

Very excited … i know it is another diet book, but to be honest, i have been using it’s principles since sept and lost 1.5 stone …. it is fab to say the least ..

Mum's Book

Mum's book cover

check it out on amazon

26 Aug

I read a BOOK!!!

It is Very Very rare that I bother picking up a book, my preferences are things that will provide much amusement (Tabloid Bible), or trying to understand people better (When generations collide), occasional a biography especially if it is a testimony of someone seeing God at work in their lives. Whilst at Soul Survivor I had the great privilege of getting to know a chap by the name of John Robinson. The first contact i had with him was having to ask him to move his chairs from our area so we could get set up. Unlike previous exhibitions we have been at, he was very polite apologized that all their lounging around and slowly shifted the chairs and stuff! We had some great times, Singing annoying songs to each other from the main meetings, I nicked his spot lights (1 x 500w flood lights!) He called a medic for me, I stole his phone and sung that annoying song as his ring tone, which finally played when John was in Tesco with his bags full of shopping. He got the whole tool shed to sing happy 55th Birthday to me over the PA system, we moved his entire display on the last night to on top of a wall in the corner, manging to extent our display all over his patch! Haha, we had a GREAT time. He was also part of the prayer ministry team in the main meetings.

Along the way, I discovered his tattooing gang based history, amazed by what God had done in him I loved joking with him even more! 1 VERY slow afternoon I started to read one of the books on his stall I discovered it was a book he had written about his life. Well at the time I only read the first half chapter then the book was lent to someone else. I eventually bought the book, and i just read it in an afternoon, man an addictive read, i genuinely couldn’t put it down!

Nobody’s Child is Johns book written whilst he was running the bus ministry for the message trust in Manchester. An Easy read, which suits me, but an AMAZING testimony of God at work. John was in and out of children’s homes and eventually in and out of Jail, and a failed marriage, but in amongst all of that God was calling him all the time. My favourite quote is in the last chapter when he was reading all his childhood notes, and he says he remembers speaking to one of the Psychiatrists, who said

I am at a loss as to how i can help you, I’ve never met someone who has suffered so much rejection and abuse who hasn’t managed to kill themselves.

Go read the book hear more about what God has done!

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