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It has been a long time in the pipeline, but here is our latest newsletter 🙂

Feb 2012 newsletter

25 Jun

Latest Newsletter

Well only a few weeks to go before we hope to leave for Nigeria 🙂

Here is out latest newsletter- newsletter july2011

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21 May

Even more Nigeria progress!

So much to share and so little time to do it, we have so many things to be thankful for!

  1. Our support level is up to 65% ready to go to Nigeria.  Only £650 a month left to raise 🙂
  2. We think we have secured a supply of the thyroxin meds, through the SIM clinic in Jos.
  3. We a house and a car for the 1st few months in Nigeria.
  4. We think we have found some potential tenants for our house in Chinnor.
  5. Tim’s time at CRE last week was interesting, picked up a few possible church contacts.

Things to pray for:

  1. Tim and Dan are renewing their passports, we need them ASAP so we can get the details to Nigeria for them to do the things they need to do for our Visas.
  2. Pray for the potential tenants a few things need to fall in place for them, we would REALLY like them to be in our house while we are away!
  3. Pray for the last of the funding to come in.
  4. For wisdom, Ali needs to hand her resignation in at some point soon.

If you have missed the details of our planned move, you can check them out http://www.robinsonta.org/nigeria-plans/


20 Apr

April 2011 Email Update



Happy Easter 2011

We hope you are having a wonderful celebration time, we ahve taken the chance in the school holidays to do a bunch of jobs in the house that need doing!
Sometimes we are asked if we do actually ‘Bible Translation’, the answer is well, no but we do help facilitate it! For every Bible Translator around the world there is 8 / 9 other people working in a whole variety of other roles.

Tim has spent the past 12 months organising the From Eden to Eternity tour in partnership with Saltmine Theatre Company.  The show was written by Richard Hasnip who is responsible for the creative arts track at Regents College, he also came to help on the RE day at Risborough school.    We have toured twice covering over 6000 miles and a total of 46 venues in Ireland, N.Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales!    What has that got to do with Bible Translation I hear you ask!  Everything.  The show told the story of the Bible from Creation to Revelation, with a presentation about the work of Wycliffe throughout the evening.  8000 people saw the show and most of them hadn’t had much exposure to Wycliffe before and we also raised around £30,000 to fund 4 bible translation projects in Nigeria for eh next 2 years.

In Sept 2010 Ali agreed to take on another day a week teaching at Wycombe High School, resulting in 4 days 1 week and 3 the next. It has been great for Ali to have the opportunity to extend her hours and it has been helpful to get a better idea of her capacity, unfortunately we think she may have reached capacity, when she was sign off work at the end of January.  The doctors have never given a fully satisfactory answer as to what caused it, but we think, Ali was probably more tired that we realised and pick up a virus she couldn’t shake off.  She is going to begin a gradual return after the Easter holidays.  What has that got to do with Bible Translation I hear you ask!  We are in the process of planning to move out to Nigeria, and teachers are the number 1 need in the whole of the mission world.  If there aren’t enough teachers in the school, missionaries have to home school their kids and so they aren’t able to fulfil the call on their lives and progress in every type of project with Wycliffe or with other organisations slows down or even halts.  Ali will not only be serving the Wycliffe community but also other ex-pat and national workers for God.

Dan continues to enjoy school.  We had a great parent-teacher conference a few weeks ago, confirming that Dan is doing well academically, especially in maths and reading.  This should stand him in good stead as he moves to a new school in Nigeria!  Dan has been going to a holiday club called “Showstoppers” this week at Long Crendon Baptist Church. They had a talent show last night at which Dan recited “Now we are Six” by A A Milne – he had a great time and was given a “Best Newcomer” certificate.



Pray for peace and wisdom in this time of many transitions on all the various roles he plays.




Pray for complete Healing and wisdom to balance all the various needs of work, family and future.




Pray that he will continue to enjoy all that he is involved in, and that the excitement of moving to Nigeria will never cease!




Copyright © 2011 Tim + Ali Robinson, All rights reserved.


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28 Jan

Off to Nigeria Part 4 – What do we need to do before we can go?

We are excited by the possibility to go and serve in Nigeria, playing our part to facilitate Bible Translation for 150 million people.    There are some hurdles to get over before we can go and do it.

  • We have already started getting injections done but have about 6 more each to do.
  • We need to raise the money we need in order to live. Wycliffe UK have a great page explaining about the finance side of things.    We still need to raise another £1400 £1200 a month. Why so much money? Right now, Ali is working as a secondary school teacher, we live mostly from her salary.  When we head to Nigeria, she will no longer have a salary and so we need to raise the money to replace her salary.
  • Ali has to take daily meds to make up for the thyroid they had to take out a few years back.  We have some leads but no final solution yet.
  • We need at least 1 laptop, both of ours belong to work and neither are the recommended brand for us to take.
  • We need to sort out people to rent our house while we are away.  ~As well as a few jobs we need to do in the house before we go!
  • probably other things I haven’t’ listed or can’t remember right now!

There are also presidential elections due on April 2nd.  Normally elections in Nigeria are prone to all the minor issues associated with African elections especially fraud.  Results are normally contested and often violence breaks out.  So as long as  it has calmed down again by the time we want to leave it is all okay.  There are other UK families who are out there, as as long as they are happy to be out there, we will travel.  A great team of people in the office thinking through all these decision, some of whom we have known for a very long time, and we trust their judgement.   It is something to be praying for though!

25 Jan

Off to Nigeria Part 1 – Why Wycliffe?

Why Wycliffe?

We are heading to Nigeria with Wycliffe, but why Wycliffe and not one of the other organisations?

In short – The bible.   We know in our lives just how just important the Bible is.  At different times it is a source of invaluable wisdom, comfort and inspiration.  It is also the best way we know to get to know God better.  I find that the inspiration often comes when we least expect it, but also when we most need it!  The Bible is a lifeline.

In a world of nearly 7 billion people and around 7000 languages we find it a travesty that not everyone has access to scripture.  How are they supposed to find that wisdom, comfort and inspiration.   How are they supposed to get to know God better and live a life that is honouring to him?

We have literally a hundred versions of the Bible in English but there are only 430 completed in other languages.  There are still 2500 translation projects that need starting all over the world.  The work Wycliffe is currently involved in, will impact around 2.5 Billion people.

Wycliffe’s Vision is to see a world where every single person has access to a Bible in the language that best speaks to their heart, sometimes that is called ‘mother tongue’  the most natural language that we understand best.  Why?  well because untill people have it in that language, they simply will not get the full meaning of God’s message of love for them.

Did you know that you probably only know about 80%  all the words in english?  Some people ask why we just don’t teach everyone English, after all everyone use it on the internet these days.  Well, there are 2 problems with that.

1 – it is not the most used language on the web, chinese is.
2 – if we taught them, they would only get to about 40 – 50% of all the english, so much would be missed!

Maybe you haven’t considered the impact of not understanding every word of your Bible.   Take John 3:16 for example:

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his one and only son, so that whoever believes in him, shall never die but have eternal life”

27 words in that version.   So on the basis that you only understood 80% the words there,  you wouldn’t have understanding of the 5 most difficult words in that verse.  What are the 5 hardest words to understand? (you can comment below if you don’t agree with those ones)

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his one and only son, so that whoever believes in him, shall never die but have eternal life”

If you remove them from the verse, what would you end up with?

“For God so the, that he gave his one and only son, so that whoever in him, shall never die but have life”

You might be able to get the gist, but you would certainly miss the full true meaning behind the verse.  You really need to read it in the language you understand best.

Despite Wycliffe Bible Translators being established in 1942, in the past 10 years there has been a big shift in approach to the global task.  This was prompted by a challenge presented to our organisation at our tri-annual international conference.   It was called “vision 2025”, – to see a Bible translation program begun in every language that needs one by the year 2025.  Here is a short video about that.

Wanting to respond to that challenge, we’re heading to Nigeria!

29 Nov

Hillcrest School

The AMAZING people in Nigeria have sent us a little DVD of Hillcrest school.   We thought you might be interested.

You can also check out their website. http://www.hillcrestschool.net/

We are in the process of arranging a coffee and cake do one afternoon in Jan, keep your ears and eyes open for the invite!

22 Nov

More detail on Ali's school post in Nigeria

A few people got in touch after my post about Ali submitting her CV for teaching in Nigeria.   Coming out not long after our newsletter about fundraising, I think I might have caused a bit of confusion. Sorry about that!  Here is my attempt to clear it up.

As Wycliffe members servign overseas we need to raise all the support we need before we can go.
Ali’s assignment we hope, will be to teach at Hillcrest school in Jos.
We hope Dan will be a pupil at the same school.
The school is managed by a collection of organisations working in Jos, Wycliffe is just one of those.
The school won’t pay Ali a salary, but there is a sytem in place to discount the fee’s we need to pay for Dan attending the school.   The more teachers that Wycliffe provide for the school, the bigger the discount can be.
That discount system will apply to all the Wycliffe kids who are in the school, enabling their parents to continue to do their jobs, be it translation, literacy, manager or any of the other hundred jobs that people do in Nigeria.

So it may be indirect, but Ali working at the school will reduce the amount we need to raise before we can head out there.

08 Nov

Ali teaching in Nigeria

Image of a tecern standing at a blackboard

NOT Ali teaching!

So part of what we hope to do when we get to Nigeria, is for Ali to teach in the international school there. The team we’re looking at joining, have just joined as part of the management team of the school. I’m not up on all the details, but it means they et involve din how the school is run, but also have a requirement to provide so many teachers. Everyone is excited that Ali might help with filling that quote, but in order to start the Autumn 2011 term, Ali had to do a rushed job on a CV to email out to the personnel coordinator who is meeting with the head later this week.

  • Please do pray that we can communicate clearly, and that the right post will be open next year, for about the right hours that Ali is happy to teach.
26 Oct

Autumn Newsletter

FINALLY I have completed and edited out latest newsletter!

You can find it by clicking on the newsletter page at the top.

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