16 Jul

Togo 2010 Update 3 – Sent on Thursday 15th July

I’ve just had a series of text messages from Tim as Samuel, the local translator’s computer has broken. It will hopefully be up and running again sometime after the weekend. Your prayers would be much appreciated as it’s not only used as a communication tool for us and the team but it has a lot of hard translation work on too. Thanks! So the update below is from Tim, extended to a legible format!

Monday – relaxed in the morning to recover from the bustle of Sunday’s church visits. Churches on Sunday were brilliant. Afternoon in the office recording some testimonies for the radio.

Tuesday – final session of language learning (Ntcham) in the morning. Went into town using “what is this?” type tool to practice what we’d learnt. We spent the afternoon in the office learning about the translation process and making more booklets.

Wednesday – spent the morning in 2 teams visiting families. Challenged to create a word list of all the word’s they learn. We also experienced a day in the life of what it’s like to live with a family in the visits, mostly spent cooking lunch! In the afternoon we relaxed and in the evening the tailor came round with all the clothers the team had ordered, very exciting!

Thursday – Teams swapping which family they are with, using the word list now as a competition between teams. Now relaxing and a couple of people go to the farm later.

05 Jul

Togo 2010 Update 1 – Sent on Sunday 3rd July

Hi folks, sorry for the lack of contact, we landed fine, managed to eventually get visas in Lome airport and found all our bags with no problems! The first few days are always tiring, due to the travel and the change in climate, but everyone is doing really well. Saturday was spent getting used to life here, drinking lots of water and hoping that Steve could get all the supplies we need. Thankfully he did, and we managed a short wander down the road near the guesthouse.

This morning we headed out for our first church meeting of the trip. The service started at 0700. Yes you did read that right! The church has 3 services and the 0700 service is conducted in French and English. The next 2 of the morning are conducted in French plus one of the local languages. Long and warm is not a great combination for staying awake, but a wonderful experience being with several hundred of God’s people worshiping together!

This afternoon we hope to head out to a small party with some of the other missionary families who are around at the moment. There has been some trouble here the past couple of weeks. The petrol prices were hiked up and several groups of workers held strikes that led to localised protests. Things have been calm since we have been here (I doubt it is our influence!). You could pray for continued peace and that our plans aren’t disrupted!

Tomorrow we head up to Bassar, a 5-7 hour minibus ride. We are all looking forward to getting up there and getting settled in.

– Pray for continued good health

– Pray for safe travels

24 Mar

What is it with me and this car?

Praise the lord for fully comp cover and autoglass!
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14 Feb

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-14

  • Glad to see my Family again, didn't' sleep on the plane, so slept most of Yesterday! CANNOT believe there is snow. OH how i miss NIgeria #
  • Slowly getting back on my feet, have really got to focus and get those last few church venues sorted. #
  • Just about to start my new weekly acl physio group. Aprehensive. #
  • uploaded a few pics from Nigeria http://ccgi.robinsonta.plus.com/nigeria-pics #
  • Stuggling to write a blog post, might watch some olympics oppening. #
  • #olympics TRAGEDY about that luge bloke 🙁 bryan adams sounds very much like @michaelwsmith #
07 Feb

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-07

  • hanging on on the veranda outside our rooms in #jos. awesome project visit last week, not off to meet all the various parters. can't wait! #
  • still slightly shocked by the stories of the crisis in #jos. All the meeting and stuff are going really well, meeting loads of awesoem peeps #
  • I never realised how fresh Nigeria could be in the morning. Quite like it! More good meetings, lots of abuse about cheesecake 🙁 #
  • Last day in Nigeria. Not sure what to make of it all, I've been trying to make notes and failed, loved it, interested to see what my part is #
  • sat in the veranda again, waitign for our lift to Abudja. Beautiful morngin out with teh English crowd, sat by a pool. when will i be back? #
  • Home home on the range… Back trying to get my head around everthing that has happened inthe last 10 days! #
31 Jan

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-31

  • Supposed to be flying out to #jos later this week, not sure if the trip is still going ahead or not. more news later! #
  • trip to Nigeria is … ON. Starting to get excited about it now, still have lots of #fe2e things to do before i go! #
  • GO MURRAY!!!!!! #
  • YES Andy Murray!!!! #
  • Yup it is just before 4am stood on the side of the road in Wycombe about to load the car to head for Nigeria! #
  • #boarding our flight to Frankfurt and then on to Nigeria! #
  • in Nigeria all flights fine, all bags fine, been out to eat jollof rice and chicken, YUMMY. IPHONE IS NOT WORKING 🙁 #
24 Jan

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-24

  • very good week last week. Car fixed, heating fixed, Knee on the way to fixed, lots of GREAT calls to potential #fe2e hosts. More this week #
  • Help Haiti, Drop the Debt: http://bit.ly/8g1LGS #
  • Some more good convos with potential #fe2e hosts, now on to sort out church music practice for tonight! #
25 Dec

Merry christmas!

At 7 this morning the engineer arrives to fix our boiler. Brits really do go the extra mile during a crisis!!
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