23 Jan

John Bendor-Samuel Thanksgiving Service




What a privilege –  a ridiculously large number of man hours from SO many servant hearted people.

With over 500 people in attendance, and well over 700 people watching online around the world in 12 countries and still hearing news of more people.  A truly unique opportunity to be involved in something very very special.

The family was simply AMAZING, the tributes and address – simply AMAZING, the singing with gusto, the laughter amongst the tears.  I realised that I really didn’t only know 1 tiny weeny smallest part of an incredible man.

One thing hit me between the eyes.  John 2nd son “I have no recollection of ever hearing my Dad criticise anybody”   Now that is something I better start doing if I want to be anything like the man John was.

19 Jan

t-minus 2 days

John Bendor-SamuelI have had the immense pleasure of getting involved in helping to provide an appropriate facility for a thanksgiving service for JBS this coming Friday.  There is no easy way to pull it together; there is often not a lot of forethought to base decisions on.  As a family owned event that we are hosting on site all sorts of decisions need discussion with various people, and some of those decisions need treating with sensitivity given the circumstances.

JBS was a truly remarkable man, and my concern, is that event is help to honour his life, and I really want it to be a event that is ‘done well’, an event that people will look back on fondly, an event that people will talk about for a while to come.   Yes I am only getting in a  marquee, setting up some lights and some speakers, 3 projectors and screens, helping sort a video and audio stream to the world, and then packing it all up again.  10 days of planning, for a 2 hour event may seem disproportionate to some, but in order for those 2 hours to go off without a hitch, given the complexity of what we are trying to do – planning is key!    Some decisions I am making sat in my office, or stood in a marquee could impact how people talk about this event – the difference between,

“what those people said was so wonderful”


“I wish I could have heard them better”

is huge. I have learnt a whole lot about induction loops for the hard of hearing today and thankfully can install one!

01 Jan

Happy New Year!

Well it seems right in the blogosphere to write something satirical about 2010 and about my hopes for 2011.  If you want to know about 2010, you can read the archives on the blog!

New Years resolutions seem to be dominating twitter and other social media, I am sure most pubs have a bunch of people talking about what they are going to do in 2011.  So many good ideas and worthy causes, but frankly how long will any of them last?  Eat better?  Do more exercise?  Read more books?  Spend more time with the family?  HOW LONG WILL THEY LAST?  I think my only resolution in 2011, is to try and be more like Jesus.   How I achieve that, probably need to read my Bible more and pray more (I should also eat 5 fruit or veg, but not sure the impact that will have on my faith!)

2011 is going to be a big year for us we hope.  🙂  with plans to head out to Nigeria later in the year, there are plenty of challenges ahead for us, but we rejoice in the God that we serve and his all sufficiency and perfect timing.

What are your hopes for 2011?

08 Dec


I have been a twitter user for a long while, I wasn’t among the early adopters, I didn’t see the point.  Once I understood how easy it was to integrate it into various other social media sites like Facebook and blog, I was converted pretty quick!

This December an amazingly creative team have decided to tell the whole of the Christmas story using twitter.  So the story is told through the eyes of the characters you establish what is going on based on the ‘conversation’ as it unfolds on twitter.

I’ve set up a page on my site here if you aren’t on twitter, but would like to follow it.  http://www.robinsonta.org/natwivity/

27 Apr

Election – Engagement is important.

There is only a week left until the Nation heads to the polls to sort out who is going to responsible for running our country for the next 5 years. I don’t really care what your political persuasion is, but I am bother by people who spend hours moaning about our government, but then refuse to engage in the process of their election. In some ways it is an extremely difficult thing to do, to decide who you want to rule the country, to be honest sometimes I have felt in my constituency that there is no point in voting, it won’t change who will get in! Or that it is simply a case of picking the lesser of 4 evils. I would love if it on the way to the polling station, God would chat to me via a burning bush, or a neon light would be fine too, but reality is, I think he often lets us use our own brains. Prayer fully considering which candidate to vote for reading up on the them, using many of the resource out there, can help us to understand which candidate is the best fit for our moral and spiritual beliefs.

People who do nothing but tell me how bad the others are, quite frankly annoying me. It is quite obvious that if the only thing they can say is bad about others, it is only because they haven’t got anything worth saying for themselves. @kouya on twitter has often ranted “Don’t’ tell me what they aren’t going to do, tell me what you ARE going to do!” That captures my thoughts quite nicely!

A few resources can be found HERE . Some are great some are a little naff in my opinion, but then what do I know!

The Christian Institute have put a lot of work into their stuff, you can find the history of your current MP, see how they voted on what policies.

Westminster 2010 declaration is well worth a read. I think it is a little long winded for my short attention span, but it is quite a blunt honest Biblical Based statement. I am sure it will offend a few people, sorry if that is you, but I found it refreshing amongst the current political climate that involves skirting around so many issues!

17 Jul

Child protection gone MAD.

Nick is one of my mates, he is an author by trade, he has done whole heap of stuff, he just wrote a great post about he madness of the Vetting andBbarring system.

It’s difficult to work out what is more offensive about this scheme, the idea that people like Quentin Blake should be vetted, the sheer brain-rotting, dull-witted stupidity of the idea, or the obviously venal charge of £64. All that will happen – all that is happening already – is that people won’t bother. I occasionally go into schools to do talks, but I’m not going to pay £64 for the privilege. And I object to the default position being ‘all adults (males) are a threat’.

Read the whole post here

I beleive Jonny Ball the old due who did all the maths and science stuff holds the same position.

I really appriciate the sentiment of the last comment quoted. As the media cover more of these stories is it fair to say people begin to think that every man is a threat? same thing applies, is every muslim a threat?

I appreciate the need to keep kids safe. Dan is at school this very moment as I type, and I appriciate the school won’t let him leave unless they know who he is leaving with.

23 Apr

Income Tax for dummies.

50% tax rate – GET OVER IT.

Alistair Darling, bless him probably the hardest few days OF HIS LIFE!  Delvering a budget in the biggest rescion the uk has seen since world war 2.  The expectation that he can single handedly make some decisions and save our countries financial struggles.   Yeah right.

In times gone by I dreamnt about stading outside number 10 with the red case of doom, ready to deliver THE speech. God has taken me elsewhere …. thank gooness!!

Any way, a lot of banter around about this 50% tax rate and how hard it is going to hit people. BOG OFF.

  1. Most people complaining, are NOT earning enough to be affected.
  2. If people are earning over 150K they can pay a bit more.
  3. A lot of people forget how our income tax system even works in the first place.

Sorry to bore people, but half my degree was in accounting, and our system is not that complex, honestly …

CURRENTLY YOU PAY (not taking account of ANY allowances or contibutions etc)

0% on the first £6,035 of your income.
22% is paid on the next £28,765     (total so far £34,800)
40% is paid on the money over £34,800

Example A your annual income is £42,000.   (not likeley for me!)

0% on the first £6,035 of your income.    ——————————- £0
22% is paid on the next £28,765     (total so far £34,800) ————£6,328.30
40% is paid on the money over £34,800 (42k – 34.8 = 7.2k)———£2880   — total = £9280.3

Of course this is calculated and spread out amungst your pay packet if you are an employee in the UK.  (about £786 out of a £3500monthly pay packet.
Example B.1 you annual income is £175,000.

0% on the first £6,035 of your income.    ——————————- £0
22% is paid on the next £28,765     (total so far £34,800) ————£6,328.30
40% is paid on the money over £34,800 (175k – 34.8 = 140.2k)———£56080   — total = £62408.3

which is £5200 a month out of £14583 a month pay packet.

Now the introductoin of the 50% tax rate

Example B.2 you annual income is still £175,000.

0% on the first £6,035 of your income.    ——————————- £0
22% is paid on the next £28,765     (total so far £34,800) ————£6,328.30
40% is paid on the next  £115200  (total so far £150,000)———–£46080
50% paid on the rest over £150,000 (175K – 150k = 25k)————£12,500  total = £64908.3 or £5409.3/month

so the POOR POOR guy now has only got £9174 a month instead of  £9383 a month to spend…. a grand total of 2.3% drop in his month cash.

big effect I DON’T THINK SO.  yes i admit the bigger the income the bigger that % will become but seriously, 1) that is not going to be enough money to cover the governments borrowing, 2) there are only 205K people earning over £150k a year that wll be affected.   They probably work for the banks or the government anyway the very people who got us into this mess!!!!

For more info the OFFICAL site is ..


30 Jan

Cirque du Soleil’s Quidam

WOW .. again i say WOW.
I had the privelidge of being invited to go and see them at the royal albert hall last night.  So many highlights, not having to pay the £55 for a box seat (the view was incredible), spending time with my good friend Andy whose birthday we were celebrating.
http://www.cirquedusoleil.com/  check out a show near you.

The music was incredible, live band who were as mauch part of the show.  Crowd interation was great, AMAZING feats of skill and strength.

these 2 were mind blowing …

06 Dec


David over at lingamish slipped a comment about blingamish on the end of his last post .. here is my 10 minute responce ..

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